2000pts Double AM + Sister core

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2000pts Double AM + Sister core

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High Elf Realms - Double AM - [2000pts]

# Main Force [2000pts]

## Characters [801pts]
Archmage [229pts]: Hand Weapon, Elementalism, Wizard Level 4, Elven Steed, Hand Weapon, Lore Familiar
Archmage [244pts]: Hand Weapon, High Magic, Wizard Level 4, Elven Steed, Hand Weapon, Silvery Wand, The Cloak of Beards
Handmaiden of the Everqueen [125pts]: Horn of Isha, Handmaiden's Spear, Hand Weapon, Bow of Avelorn, Light Armour, General, Armour of Caledor
Noble [203pts]: Hand Weapon, Shield, Full Plate Armour, Chracian Great Blade, Battle Standard Bearer, Razor Standard, Seed of Rebirth, Talisman Of Protection, Chracian Hunter

## Core [522pts]
Silver Helms [186pts]:
• 7x Silver Helm [24pts]: Barded Elven Steed, Barding, Hand Weapon, Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour, Lance, Shield
• 1x High Helm [6pts]
• 1x Standard Bearer [6pts]
• 1x Musician [6pts]
Sisters of Avelorn [336pts]: Stubborn
• 19x Sister of Avelorn [15pts]: Bow of Avelorn, Hand Weapon, Light Armour
• 1x High Sister [32pts]: The Loremaster's Cloak

## Special [552pts]
Dragon Princes [243pts]:
• 6x Dragon Prince [37pts]: Barded Elven Steed, Barding, Hand Weapon, Full Plate Armour, Hand Weapon, Lance, Shield
• 1x Drakemaster [7pts]
• 1x Standard Bearer [7pts]
• 1x Musician [7pts]
White Lions of Chrace [309pts]:
• 19x White Lion [14pts]: Chracian Great Blade, Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour, Valour of Ages
• 1x Guardian [6pts]
• 1x Standard Bearer [31pts]: War Banner
• 1x Musician [6pts]

## Rare [125pts]
Lion Chariot of Chrace [125pts]:
• 1x Lion Chariot [125pts]: 2x Lion Charioteer, Chracian Great Blade, Hand Weapon, 2x War Lion, Hand Weapon

This list is all about flexibility in deployment and character placement. Depending on your opponent.

The Lion Chariot is there to Impetuous guard the DPs and then charge together with them, to punch through likely anything together.

The High Mage can deploy in either the Silver Helms or Dragon Princes in Rank 2 and be safe and still effective (requires the unit to be 3 wide only of course in deployment) But that is the flexibility of it :)
He could also roam within 3" for certain matchups where he is not needed in the unit.

The Elemenal Mage likely feels more at home outside within 3" either the DPs or the SHs - he gets the Familiar to ensure Plague of Rust.

BSB with Razor Standard can go in the Sisters for an impressive Armour Bane (4), AP(-1) combo on a BS5 Ignoring Cover unit - we are going to hit nearly every shot, but for high T targets we are fishing for 6s anyway, but if they come, they hurt like a truck. Armour ? What Armour? :)

Or he can go in the White Lions for AP-3 and AB(2) on them, he is quite resilient and versatile, either picking the hand weapon and shield in combat for 3A WS6 Strike First S4 with a 3+/5++/5+++ or he can also pick the CGB for 3A S6 AP-3 AB(2), then he is only 4+/5++/5+++

Now the Handmaiden General also has the option of joining the White Lions, thereby granting them Kings Guard, so that every WL can challenge. But also here the Horn of Isha feels much, much better placed than in the Sisters. If you get off Plague of Rust and Fury of Khaine, that Dragon be toast. If you manage to charge it.....

She can also go into the Sisters, but feels like a waste. Actually also on v1 of the list I had the Reaver Bow on her, but it also feels like a waste of points if not on a Prince.

In total it is an avoidance list / only on my terms list. There is very few boots on the ground and one could argue to convert some of the WLs to SMs to do some more movement shenanigans, didn't feel like the SMs have a place here though thematically :)

Let me know what you think ! First of all, please that I didn't make any mistake in the list building haha!
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Re: 2000pts Double AM + Sister core

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I like the list. It's not the strongest by any means, and I can imagine it will struggle against tooled up monster lords. But I love the avoidance feel it has and I think it will pull off some interesting things. It should make your opponent think of what and how to engage.

Let us know how it performs once you give the list a spin.
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Re: 2000pts Double AM + Sister core

#3 Post by Hoeth »

Justa heads up,the AM would need the blood of caledor honor to join the DP (thus making him impetuous also)
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