High Elves 8th edition rumour roundup

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High Elves 8th edition rumour roundup

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This is provided with the courtesy of Harry from Warseer (and here on Ulthuan). What information we can gather will be provided in this topic, discussion can be done here.

High Elves

Release Date: Unknown
• The next army to be done after the Warriors of Chaos release.(Harry)
• This would make them sometime early next year.(Harry)
• High Elves early next year. (Meltedwing)
• High Elves are after WoC AND Daemons of Chaos ... but before Lizardmen. (Hastings)

Author: Unknown.
The book is rumoured to have been started. (Harry)
There is a rumour from Ghorros over at the Herdstone that Adam Troke was asking about what folks wanted from the next High Elves book. Could be nothing. Could be he taking another swing at High Elves. This is a possibility as I heard Adam moved from his job on the web team back to games development about a year ago. I assumed this was Lord of the Rings related but it could just as easily been because High Elves were back on the menu.
There is solid information on who the lead writer might be.

• There are no rumours about the content of the book.
• Imrik making a return, his inclusion possibly acting like Skrag but for True Dragon Princes. (This ties in with the popularity of the Caledor novels depicting mass dragon combat, the Storm of Magic novella, AND the Graham McNeil 2 part novel.)(Actuality)

• New unit in plastic (Harry)
• There has been a suggestion that there will be a flying Chariot. (Hastings)
• Monsterous Cavalry (Skeith over on BoLS)
• The monstrous cavalry are a form of lesser wingless dragon, akin to the demigryph.(Actuality)
• Dragon Princes riding some form of true dragon, (possibly limited to a sun dragon) Possibly in sets of three. (Actuality)
• This reminds me of a rumour from last time the book was done. There was a rumour of 'Drake riders' being sculpted by Alex Hedstrom. Maybe they missed the boat last time or there was enough great stuff already with the Dragon and Lion chariot that they got shelved.(Harry)
• Both High Elves and Wood Elves may get the rumoured Treeman in their updated books. (buzz0783) This does not seem very likely to me. (Harry)
• A new everqueen sculpt coming possibly riding some kind of 'critter'. No mention of Maiden Guard. (Eldargal)
• Plastic kit for archers, spearmen and seaguard all in one box. (Bramgaunt)

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Re: High Elves 8th edition rumour roundup

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Here's the leaked pic.
Confirming the Phoenices and Flying Chariot.


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