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Concerning the Asur

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High Elves vs Wood Elves
By Lord Anathir
High Elves:
Lvl 4 Archmage, Ring of Fury, Dispell Scroll, Silver Wand
Lvl 2 Mage, Ring of Corin, Jewel of Dusk, POH
Commander, HA, Steed, Bar, BSB, Battle Banner
5 Silverhelms wC
19 Spears W SB
18 Spears W SB
10 Swords w C
2 Chariots
5 Reavers
5 Shadow Warriors
2 Eagles
(im not sure if this is exactly what i had, i might have gotten the command wrong on this)

Wood Elves:
Lvl 4 Mage: Potion of Knowledge (a free spell of any casting value), Wand of Jet, Great Eagle
Lvl 2 Mage: Scroll x2
5 Archers
5 Archers
5 Archers
5 Archers
10 Dryads
6 Glade Riders wCommand
1 Treeman
3 Warhawk Riders
10 Wardancers
5 Waywatchers

I should mention that the table we were playing on was PACKED with terrain!!! On the left there was a river (about 7 inches wide) that stretched from table end to table end (that counted as difficult terrain), than there was a 5inch radius forest. The space between the forest and rivers was just enough to get two chariots by. There was about a 12 inch gap between the first forest and a second, which was the same size. And there was a third forest with only a 4 inch radius on the far right flank. Apart from all this, he had a large hill and a 10 inch long obsticle that (suprise suprise) was placed in the 12 inch gap.


(from my left to right)
RBT, RBT, CH, CH, lvl 4 Mage, Spearmen, Swords, Spearmen (+Mage w/ POH), Reavers, Knights, scouts in second wood.

Warhawks, Archers, Archers, Dryads, Treeman, LVL 4, Archers, Archers (+lvl 2) Wardancers, Glade Riders, Waywatchers (in the first wood)

High Elves Turn 1:

I moved everything up as fast as i could, and but my infantry and fast cav got clogged in that small gap between forests. The knights ran trough the smallest wood and the scouts formed a nice skirmisher screen/ bait in front of the silverhelms so that the glade riders wouldnt charge the silverhelms. Magic was a bomb, one master of stone eliminated the warhawk riders, because i knew it would be a pain to defend the rbt against them. The RBT sucked, killing only 3 archers, but the scouts brought down two glade riders.

Wood Elves Turn 1:

The glade riders retreated towards the centre of the line and the wardancers moved up towards my knights. The archers in the middle moved up to defend the obstacled (yay ). Magic was great for him, and although he didnt get any normal spells off, he used a potion of knowledge and recast the comet in the centre of my infantry clog in the centre.... i idiotically forgot to use my scroll (my biggest mistake of the game). His shooting wasnt so bad, just killing on of my fast cav, and one wound on the chariot. (because he moved his archers towards the obstacle). He also moved one of forests a little just to piss me off.

High Elves Turn 2:

Comet!!!!! It lands, and it hits both my units of spearmen, my swordmasters, and my reavers. All because i forgot to say "scroll!". I killed 3 swords (luck), 2 reavers (luck again), and just enough spearmen to cut them down to half strength. The non-mage spearmen panicked...but thats it. But then the fun started, one of chariots flank charged the first unit of archers defending the obstacle, thanx to the 18 inch charge range. Both eagles charged the unit of 5 archers, but one got shot down () unlucky. the two reavers charged the second unit of archers, but one of them got shot down. Magic eliminated the waywatchers. RBT killed two more glade riders. Chariots destroyed archers, eagle tied combat, and the reaver fled but the archers had to persue.

Wood Elves Turn 2:

Not much in terms of combat, the glade riders moved farther back, but i moved the knights into the edge of the woods last turn so neither them nor the wardancers could charge them. He moved the glade riders into the first wood, where the waywatchers were, and the wardancers beside the dryads. Magic was ineffective....shooting didnt do much.

High Elves Turn 3:

knights move into a threatening position against the waywatchers, the chariot turned also to charge the waywatchers. The spears moved forward, destined to do nothing all game. the swords turned to slide up beside the spearmen unit. the spears that rallied last turn moved up a little. my second chariot charged the lvl 4 on GE. I miscasted my magic, so no magic this turn. The chariot destroyed the mage but because of my idiocy i forgot to persue off the table (i was right beside the dryads and forgot they can chage 360. The ge killed his archer unit and the 5 beside it also fled off the table. RBT + scouts killed the archer unit + lvl 2.

Wood Elves Turn 4:

Dryads charged and destroyed chariot. Treeman and wardancers moved to the left towards the 2 glade riders (out of range of knights +chariot). no magic, no shooting.

High Elves Turn 5:

The silverhelms moved towards the dryads, the rbt finished the glade riders. Miscast again, no magic.

Woodelves Turn 5:

The dryads charged the knights, killng 3, tieing combat (thanx to battle banner). the wardancers moved towards my infantry.

High Elves Turn 6:

Chariot flanked the dryads, breaking them. All my infantry (including scouts) charged wardancers, and wiped them out, overrunning.

Thats how it ended. He lost everything except treemen. i lost 1 eagle, 1 chariot, half of both spearmen, reavers, half swordmasters. VP + table quarters, standards, equalled 600-700 point victory for high elves.
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