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PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 11:42 pm 
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It's been a very long time since I posted here, but for anyone who remembers you might know that I exclusively play WoC. So their new book came out Saturday and my friend and I thought we'd try it out. He took a list that is pretty much the same as his old list, just with a couple of new stuff thrown in. So here goes:

High Elves

Prince - Barded Steed, Dragon Armour, Shield, Giant Blade, Helm of Fortune, Talisman of Loec - 281
Archmage - Level 4, High Magic, Folariath's Robe, Dispel Scroll - 325
Battle Standard Bearer - Barded Steed, Great Weapon, Heavy Armour, Shield, Dragonhelm, Dawnstone, Other Trickster's Shard - 190

30 Spearelves - Full Command - 295
18 Archers - Musician, Standard, Banner of Eternal Flame - 223
10 Archers - 110

14 Swordmasters - Bladelord, Amulet of Light - 237
12 White Lions - Standard, Gleaming Pennant - 197
8 Silver Helms - Musician, Shields - 192
5 Dragon Princes - 150

2 Repeater Bolt Throwers - 200
2 Eagles - 100

= 2500 points

Can you guess where it came from? I forgot my iPad that day which has all my list details on it, so I just copied Seredain's.

Warriors of Chaos

Sorcerer Lord - Level 4 (Nurgle), Barded Steed, Chaos Familiar (Gives an extra spell and I think also allows channeling on a 5), Dawnstone, Mark of Nurgle - 354
Exalted Hero - BSB, Shield, Scaly Skin (5+ scaly skin), Hideous Visage (Causes fear), Mark of Tzeentch - 173
Throgg - 195

18 Chaos Warriors - Shields, Mark of Tzeentch, FC - 336
17 Chaos Warriors - Shields, Mark of Tzeentch, Champion, Musician - 309
5 Trolls - 175

Chaos Knights - Ensorcelled weapons, Mark of Nurgle - 225
2 Gorebeast Chariots - Mark of Nurgle - 280

Hellcannon - 210
Mutalith Vortex Beast - 240

= 2497 points

Not so much new stuff in there. I don't have the stats of the new things, but for anyone who doesn't know the Gorebeast chariots are basically ridiculous. T6 with a 3+ armour save and 5W for less points than a Lion chariot, I can't wait for our book if these are anything to go by. The Vortex Beast is a bit mean on its own, has D6+2 attacks, and a bound spell that causes a number of toughness tests and can potentially create Chaos Spawns 1" away from your units. The big thing for me though was seeing what Chaos magic was like. My opponent took Nurgle because as you can see below, it's full of toughness tests:

HERALD EDIT: do not post the rules in detail, it is against the forum rules.

The lore doesn't look so amazing, but I think it (like pretty much everything else in the book) can work really well if used alongside other parts of the army. Poisoned attacks hitting on 5 isn't amazing, but combine it with a unit that has poison from the EotG, or the new Forsaken D6 chart, or those super fast weird looking things of Slaanesh and suddenly it becomes useful.

So anyway, my opponent gets all but Miasma and Blades, which are probably the least useful against HE anyway. I get Shield, Curse, Fury and Flames. We roll for deployment and I go first, which doesn't really matter as I've got way more units than my opponent.


If deployment were the game I would have won. My eagles, archers and spears made my opponent think I was deploying centrally, too late did he realise I was weighting the flank and his army was split in two. The pictures aren't entirely accurate, for example the edge of the board was about an inch away from the DPs, but I'm not great at using battle chronicler. Just noticed there is no Chaos BSB, but he was in CW2. That light area the RBTs and archers are on is supposed to be a hill, and was in no way shaped like a rectangle, but you get the idea.

We roll for first turn and I get a 1. Excellent....

Chaos Turn 1


Everything comes forward as you can see, the Knights move up so the Sorcerer can get into spell range, but they hide behind the trees so I will think twice before charging them with cavalry.

The magic phase.....here it all goes horribly wrong. It ends up 10v6 after my opponents successful channel on a 5, and he begins by casting Rancid Visitations on an RBT, because it was the only thing in range (archers were sat slightly behind them in reality). Now I have a stupid moment. I remember that war machines automatically fail all characteristics test.....but forget that its except T and Ld tests #-o So when my opponent rolls 18 on 4 dice, I decided I don't want to lose 100 points in the first turn just like that, and throw all 6 dispel dice at it. In my head I'm also thinking he won't be able to cast anything else as he obviously isn't in range or he wouldn't be attacking my Bolt Thrower in the first place. I dispel it, and then he uses the bound spell from his big beastie. It goes through on my Spearmen and means he must roll on a table, and pretty much every result will mean I have to take toughness tests.

He rolls a 3 and gets Gift of Mutations, which means I take D6 toughness tests and one of the units WS, BS, S, T, I or A will go up by 1, and one will go down for the rest of the game. I had to take 6 toughness tests which I (somehow) passed, and the spears BS went up by 1 (great... :roll:), while T went down (and I thought Spearmen couldn't be any more useless).

Now the fun really begins.....He casts Plague Wind, and sticks it in the bottom right corner as shown. The scatter dice comes up 10 which means it moves 40"!!! :shock: At first I roll well and manage to save all 3 touched DPs from death, but then 2 Helms, 9 SMs :shock: 2 Archers, 8 Spears and 6 WLs all crash to the ground. Ouch.

Finally, the Hellcannon targets my Prince but misses, killing one Helm instead. Thank Isha its over....

High Elf Turn 1


Everything moves up, preparing to circle and kill the Knights and Trolls on the right, before turning to face the slowly advancing Chaos Warriors. The Helms move up so that they'll be in average charge range of the chariots for next turn, but since the chariots movement is 2" less (only downside to Gorebeast chariot: M6) they hopefully won't be able to get in to my Helms before I can charge. The eastern Eagle moves up to block the beastie from flanking my spears if I go for the Trolls, and the other gets ready to block some Warriors next turn.

My magic phase is awful compared to the previous turn, I only manage to get Curse of Arrow Attraction off on the Trolls. I really wanted it on the Vortex Beast but I was out of range. In shooting the flaming Archers manage 2 wounds on the Trolls (having moved and shooting through cover meant they were hitting on 6s), who thankfully don't get to roll on the EotG table if they regen 2 wounds in one phase any more. One RBT managed a wound on the beastie, while the other missed completely.

Chaos Turn 2


So much for the chariots being out of range....One gets into combat while the other stumbles forwards 3". The Vortex beast really doesn't want to be redirected, and doesn't charge the Eagle.

Magic sees me dispel Rancid Visitations on the Spearmen. D6 S5 hits and then a toughness test on T2 or more hits? Wouldn't have ended well. This unfortunately allowed my opponent to get a 3+ regen save on the trolls, and also Curse of the Leper on the chariot. He rolled his D3 and raised his Gorebeast chariot up to T9.....fantastic.....At least the Hellcannon misfired.

In combat, 3 Helms get smashed by the chariot in the blink of an eye. My BSB steps up and managed 1 wound on it. Thinking I need to get this chariot out the way fast, my Prince invokes the Talisman of Loec and, with rerolls, misses two of his attacks #-o I then roll two 6s to wound anyway, making my use of the Talisman completely pointless. Thanks a lot Loec.....The rest of the Elves miss, the crew of the chariot and the Gorebeast can't get through the Helms' armour, and combat is drawn.

High Elf Turn 2


The Spears get out the way of the White Lions, and the Princes make way for the 5 remaining Swordmasters to get past. The western Eagle moves up to block the Warriors from advancing and that's movement done.

In the magic phase I fail my first cast, and this is really going well so far.....

In shooting I get some joy. I focus every arrow I've got on the Vortex Beast, and it comes crashing to the ground. These are the kind of things RBTs were made for.

In combat, my BSB manages to get the chariot down to one wound, leaving the killing blow to his Prince, who hits nothing but air as he fails to wound. The chariot manages to kill the last two Helms, and combat is drawn again.

Chaos Turn 3


The Knights charge through the woods to get at the five remaning Swordmasters, while both Warrior units charge the Eagles in front of them (I know it didn't look like it was, but the Eastern eagle was also sort of blocking the Warriors as well as the Vortex Beast). The western Warriors fail to catch theirs, while the others pursue and kill one of the pesky birds.

The magic phase sees Curse of the Leper go up on the Knights (I failed to get 12 on 5 dice, annoyed), increasing their T by 1. He tried to cast Visitations on the Spears again, but I scrolled it.

The Hellcannon managed to kill a whole 4 Spears, and we moved on to combat.

My Prince finally got the last wound on the chariot now it's back to only ( :roll: ) T6, and he and his BSB reform the face the Knights. The Swordmasters only manage to kill one, as they have the Mark of Nurgle which means -1 to hit (which is also why the chariot took so long to kill, T9 and hittng on 4s is just horrible), and the Knights kill 3 in return. My Blademaster had challenged the Chaos Sorcerer Lord, but was cut down after inflicting a wound on the terrible wizard. This left a solitary Swordmaster, who passed his break test.

High Elf Turn 3


The Prince and BSB charge the Knights in the flank, hoping to save the lonely Swordmaster, while the Lions and Spears reform so they can take on the Trolls together.

Flames gets through on the Trolls, causing one wound and finishing off a Troll, Throgg also takes a wound. Unfortunately Curse is dispelled, and Shield fails. The flaming Archers manage to put 5 wounds on the Trolls, and the RBTs follow up with another 3, leaving 2 Trolls and Throgg left, with only 7 wounds between them.

In combat the lonely Swordmaster kills one Knight and is then cut down. The Elven Prince challenges the Chaos Sorcerer Lord and cuts her down before she can strike back. The BSB fails to kill any Knights, but you can't have everything.

Chaos Turn 4


The Warriors both reposition themselves so they can have an impact in the late game, while the last chariot charges my Prince in the flank.

No more magic phase, and the Hellcannon fails its Ld test and rampages forward. Unfortunately this is when Throgg uses his breath weapon on my Spears, killing 7 of them.

In combat, the chariot manages no wounds on my Prince (aren't 1+ rerollable saves lovely when there aren't any Death mages around? :mrgreen: ), and loses 2 in return. The Knights and BSB can't do anything either and the Chaos units pass their break tests.

High Elf Turn 4


Moment of madness, my Archmage charges the Chaos Knights because he has the Robes.....and I forgot they have Ensorcelled Weapons....uh oh....Anyway, the Lions and Spears charge the Trolls and the little Archers charge the flank of the Warriors to slow them down.

I completely forgot Flames was still on the Trolls, and only managed to get Shield up on my Archmage. In shooting the RBTs and archers manage 2 wounds on the far away Warriors.

In combat my BSB manages to kill a Knight, leaving only 1 left, while my Prince smashes the ugly chariot to the ground. Thankfully my Archmage only takes 1 wound, and the lonely Knight passes his break test. I didn't note down how many archers died, but I do know they passed their break test and held the Chaos warriors, which probably saved my White Lions from death by flanking.

In the Lions combat, the combined Elven forces manage to bring down a Troll, leaving 1 with 1 wound left, and Throgg with 3 wounds left. 4 Elves die, and with an overkill from combat between Throgg and my Lion champion, combat is drawn.

Chaos Turn 5


Not a lot happens as the far away Warriors can't get past their comrades who are fighting my Archers.

The cannon misfire and blows itself up, which I forgot to put in the pictures, but yay! :D

In combat, the Archers lose and flee, and are chased and caught by the Warriors. The Lions manage to put another wound on Throgg, but the spears cannot kill the last Troll. In total 6 Elves are killed, leaving only 1 Lion and 6 Spears left, thankfully the Spears are in BSB range, the last Lion is stubborn and both pass break tests.

High Elf Turn 5


The Prince charges Throgg, the BSB does not because in reality only one model could wheel round the nearby wood and get into combat. In magic I get shield up on the last Lion to save the points, and once again forget that Flames is still up. In shooting I manage 8 wounds on the Warrior unit. In combat I still can't kill the last Troll, and my Prince manages only 1 wound on Throgg (he has 1 left). Thankfully his Troll vomit attack (ignores armour saves) missed.

Chaos Turn 6


The Warriors try desperately to get into combat, but fail. My Spearmen finally kill the last Troll, while the Prince finishes Throgg off to give me mucho victory points :D

Winner winner chicken dinner. Don't have time to analyse what went well, and what didn't as it's taken me ages to write this thing. So I'll leave that up to you. Just one point is that I think my opponent thought he'd won when he nailed so much of my army on turn 1, but in the words of the great Luke Skywalker: "Your overconfidence is your weakness."

Thanks for reading :)

"O Isha, here I stand, on the last shore, a sword in my hand, Ulthuan shall never fall!"

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:27 am 

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Huh unless the Nurgle magic vortex is different to every other one out there, it does not work like that... good thing it didn't win the game! I wouldnt be so happy about that chariot charge and your 1+ rerollable save, since those killing blow impacts had a great chance of ruining your day!

Good report though, not really sure the chaos list was that strong but cool to see some of the new stuff in play :)

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:52 am 
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You're right, it doesn't work like that. I remembered something about vortices being placed at the base of the caster, but couldn't find it in the rules when I looked mid game. So I googled it quickly and the only info I could find was to place it anywhere. Now you've said that & I properly looked it up I realise that was wrong. Well I won't be forgetting that in a hurry :)

"O Isha, here I stand, on the last shore, a sword in my hand, Ulthuan shall never fall!"

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2013 6:23 pm 
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Since the Chaos book is out, and as such not rumour based any longer, please don`t post specifics rules on the forum. Instead, give a description or comparison based on other Warhammer things, if need be.


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