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PostPosted: Fri Feb 06, 2015 8:29 pm 

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Hello everyone.
I'm embarking on an ambitious project to make an Errata/FAQ for 8th edition BRB and possibly army books.
I am new to the Ulthuan forum. I've browsed it in the past but never signed up. I like that you guys have an ideas section.

HOLD ON! I know what your thinking, "oh no, another wishlist". It is not that at all. It is merely edits to make rules more clearer and provide some balance to the rules that, after 5 years of everyone playing, have become quite evident.
A flanked unit loses steadfast[subject to the rules for disruption].. This is something everyone has wanted.
Always strikes first - change to: you gain the re-roll if your initiative is better(not equal).
Building capacity: Every building can hold 10 models per level. Similar to the 5models can shoot per level rule. And you simply clarify this before the game starts.
A rule of thumb is that simplest is best. We don't want players to have to learn a whole new game system.

I do need a bit of help on this endevour. Primarily I need a handful of people who have a mind for game design.
What does this mean?
Basically your mind can see cause and effect fairly easily. For wargaming you can understand the need for balance.
Wishlisting your most favorite super unit is not game design, typically the rules are wacky and the result is your really creating a whole new game. Its fun but it is not what I need.

If you know your capabilities for game design send me a private message and tell me how much you'd like to participate. At the very least I just need people to edit the rules I come up with and give feedback.
It would be nice to have a couple other people brainstorm separately and then we look at each others work and combine it.

For the rest in the community who want to be part of it I will post subsequent drafts for people to meander over in the near future.
Feel free to post some suggestions here in this thread. Please keep wishlisting at minimum because if you wish to far your creating a new game - our goal is to tweak 8th edition to make it more fun, logical, and prevent people from flipping the tables because of a stupid rule. :)

What would help is if you post rules that you think just ruin the fun or feel just work awkwardly, slow down the game, create problems, etc...

Note: Currently his is just for the BRB. Army book edits will be done later since they are alot more work.

Kyle B
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 15, 2015 6:16 pm 
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Just curious why this thread isn't getting more posts. I would think those that don't like AOS and want to keep WHFB alive would be very interested in doing this.
A couple of suggestions from me.

1. Allow steadfast to be broken by:
Monsters/ridden and unridden when they charge the flank or rear and cause wounds
Infantry that charges flank or rear and has equal/greater number of ranks as unit They charged and caused wounds
Cavalry that charge in flank or rear and cause wounds and have at least one full rank.
Monstrous cav that charges in flank or rear causes wounds and meets minimum models for a unit (usually 3)

How about making spears S4 when being charged in the front?

Just a couple of ideas.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 15, 2015 7:43 pm 

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Delaqure wrote:
Just curious why this thread isn't getting more posts. I would think those that don't like AOS and want to keep WHFB alive would be very interested in doing this.
A couple of suggestions from me.

Maybe because it was made well before its time? I mean it's a damn good post, but nobody was talking about this in February.

For me, I'd say I'm less keen to get involved on this one as I think it's the wrong starting point. I fundamentally dislike 8th and although some of the ideas in this are brilliant I do also think it's the wrong starting point.

I'd say either 7th or a blank sheet of paper would do better.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 16, 2015 12:11 am 
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Heck in February I was still thinking that while the background was getting junked that the rules would come out fairly similar. I even had some hope that tings would be basically the same with just a new map.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 2:24 am 

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Steadfast may only be checked on base leadership score unless the BSB is present in the unit. If the BSB is present, the unit may use his leadership score instead only if it greater than the base value. Any Character present in the unit may provide one re-roll attempt (does not stack with BSB re-roll) per steadfast check. Spells, enhancements and abilities cannot alter the base stat of the unit when using the steadfast rule. These bonuses apply as normal to any other leadership check the unit must make otherwise (Example, terrorgiest blast).

Cavalry base counts as two models, 40mm as 3, 50mm as 5, and the chariot base as 10 when calculating ranks for steadfast. War machines count as the number of crew. Terror increases the unit's rank value by 5.

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