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PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2014 2:34 pm 

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Hello all,

It was a 2500 point tournament that had a good turn out - 22 players. Of the 22, there were 7 high elf players. I would also say that of the top 10 painted armies - the high elves were 5 of them.

So - my list was highly influenced by 2 things:

1) Others have played & done well w/Frost & fire phoenix list
2) I painted the fire phoenix and I think it looks really good, so I wanted to put it on the table.

My list for this tournament:


Noble BSB: Starlance, charmed shield, dragon armor, barded steed, great weapon, potion of foolhardiness
Loremaster: book of hoeth, sheild of merwym, sword of might
level 2 Mage: Dispel scroll (took high magic)

10 Archers
10 Archers
14 Silverhelm Full command
5 reavers bows & spears
5 reavers bows & spears

Frost Phoenix
Fire Phoenix
10 Swordmasters
24 White lions, full command, banner of the world dragon

Normally I only take the loremaster as my magic user, since I had the fire phoenix - I took the level 2 mage in hopes of getting walk between worlds and use it on the fire phoenix for wake of fire.

Game 1 vs Daemons of Chaos

This game was aginst Lee, it was his first Daemons of Chaos army game. He's a really nice guy, but puts together a super nasty list.

Daemons of Chaos List:

Greater unclean one (level 1 mage w/magic sword)
3 units of 10 pink horrors (2 got flames of tzeentch, other got dimensional cascade)
2 units of 1 beast of nurgle
1 unit of 12 beasts of nurgle
1 unit of 20 plaguebearers
3 skullcrushers
2 x khorne skull cannons
2 units of 3 nurgle drones

Let's go to setup:

Bad guys first:

back row: -[horrors in building]------[skull cannon]---[greater unclean]-[horrors]--[skull cannon]---[plague bearers]
Front row: [skull crushers]--[drones] [big block of beasts]-------- [lone beast]-----[lone best]---[drones][horrors]

Good guys:
Front Row: [reavers]-[swordmasters]-[archers]----[silverhelms]----[white lions]--[archers]--[reavers]
Back row: [frost phoenix]---[rbt]-------------------------------[rbt]----------[fire phoenix]

The loremaster was with the white lions and the BSB noble was with the silverhelms. The mage took up position with the archers on my right flank. I only recall getting soul quench spell.

HE Turn 1:
I decide that I want to avoid the units on my left flank and moved the reavers and the frost phoenix to support the middle. I advance the white lions aggressively, and the silverhelms cautiously. Archers move up to shoot.

I have a good magic phase and the loremaster got off a boosted fireball and another magic missile spells gets 3 wounds on the great unclean one! Missile fire is miserable - between the 10 reavers, 20 archers and 2 RBT, I kill 2 horrors. ugh.

Daemon turn 1:

Moves up units slightly to be within spell range of HE units. Moves up drones on both flanks aggressively and blood crushers on left flank aggressively.

Magic phase: I cannot dispel flames of tzeentch with 2 dice and a re-roll and I loose a unit of reavers to it. I dispel scroll cascade. In the shooting phase the frost phoenix is killed by a skull cannon.

HE Turn 2:

Fire phoenix charges the drones on right flank; silverhelms cautiously advance, while lions aggressively advance.

In the magic phase, I get 3 dice, so nothing gets through (and phoenix is weakened). In shooting - I plink off a horror. Note that my RBT's cannot get line of sight to the skull cannons, nor the great unclean ones due to the drones and beasts of nurgle. In combat - the drones beat the fire phoenix, it flees and is run down.

Roll for fire phoenix return at the end of turn results in token being picked up. He won't be coming back.

Daemon turn 2:

Beast of nurgle moved up to block /divert white lions. Big block of beasts moves up to threaten silver helms. Drones on right flank that defeated fire phoenix turn towards archers / RBT. Drones & skull crushers on left flank move up aggressively.

Winds of magic are poor and due to eye of terror weirdness, he looses a skull crusher. Skull canons kill 4 of the silverhelms with cannon balls.

HE Turn 3:

Noble drinks his potion and he with the silverhelms charge into the big block of beasts of nurgle. White lions go after the sacrificial beast of nurgle, reavers on the left charge the flank of the drones.

I success in getting miasma off on the beasts of nurgle to make them hit me on 5's. It was the 2nd spell I tried to cast and it went off irresistibly. I ended up loosing the rest of the magic dice so no wildform will be cast on silverhelms. Nothing else interesting in magic phase. Again, very poor shooting for me in the missile fire phase nets no causalities (I would not hit, or not wound - my dice were really deserting me).

In combat - silverhelms and noble do a bunch of wounds - and the beasts make all but a couple of their ward saves. Daemon player rolls great for his random attacks - and he kills 1/2 of the silvhelms. I win combat, he crumbles a little, and we sit. White lions kill the single nurgle beast, reform to face greater daemon & silverhelm beast of nurgle combat. Reavers win combat with drones, they crumble a little, and turn to face reavers.

Daemon Turn 3:
Greater daemon charges flank of silerhelms, another single beast of nurgle moves to block white lions. Drones charge unit of archers (who flee).
blood crushers fail long charge on archers.

In magic - flames of tzeentch take out a RBT. Daemon player believes game is in hand and elects not to shoot skull cannons.

In silerhelm combat - all rank and file die - I think I kill one more beast of nurgle. Standard bearer survives, but fails break test and is removed from the board. Drones that turned to face reavers wipe out the reavers.

HE Turn 4:

Sword masters charge blood crushers, white lions take second sacrificial beast of nurgle.

Lone surviving RBT gets a flank shot on a unit of drones...and the first one makes its ward save. In the magic phase, I don't bother to do much since I can only cast hexes and the combat with the single beast of nurgle will be easily won. The swordmasters are too far away for the loremaster to help.

Swordmasters fail their fear test against the blood crushers and fail to wound them - they then die in combat. While lions pop beast of nurgle and overrun - but there is nothing for them to overrun into.

Daemon Turn 4:
2 units of drones and blood crushers mop up my rear ranks - I loose 2 units of archers and last RBT in this last turn.

Crushing defeat for the Asur.

In retrospect - I should have used the silverhelms to go after one of the daemon flanks - either right flank or left flank - and try to get into a combat with the drones or blood crushers - instead of the beasts of nurgle. I did feel I had to be somewhat aggressive since he was going to be dropping cannon balls on my units every turn and had 4 different casters throwing spells at me.


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PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2014 3:08 pm 

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Very harsh first game against the Daemons, and a very harsh list as well. I love the double-Phoenix list, I've used them in conjunction for some entertaining games myself, but facing a double-cannon list can just be a pain. The Flamespyre assault on the Drones seems like a bit of a mistake, it's not really a lone-combat monster, and would have had little to worry about from the Skullcannons as it's Fireborn.

Edit: also I confused the potions here, ignore this but ;)

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2014 5:37 pm 

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Hello all,

OK - its lunch break - time to post results of game 2.

I was matched up against a chaos dwarf player who was also defeated in round 1. John was a nice guy to play against - and he had done a significant amount of modeling for his list. He adapted another GW model to form the giant flame daemon, then created all the chaos dwarf warriors (sculpted one, made a mold from it, and cast the rest with resin). He had the Forgeworld chaos dwarf book and their FAQ - so he was well prepared.

Chaos Dwarf List:
2 flame cannons
sorcerer lord w/item that drains power & dispel dice
BSB w/magic armor & weapon
hero w/magic armor & weapon
2 blocks of chaos dwarf warriors w/hand weapons & shields
Giant flame daemon thing
8-10 small flame daemons (Kadai I believe)

Scenario was battle for the pass, so we marked the diagonal middle of the table, identified what was in reserve and setup 6" off the diagonal.

I won the dice roll and had to setup my entire army first. Only things that were in reserve for me were 1 RBT and 1 units of reavers. After we both setup it looked like:

Bad guys:
back: [flame cannon] [sorcer lord]
front: [CD warriors] [kadai] [cd warriors] [giant daemon]

Good Guys:
Front: [reavers] [archers] [silverhelms] [white lions] [swordmasters]
back: [flame phoenx]--- [RBT]----------------------[frost phoenix]

I knew that the special rule for the CD daemons was "burning bright" and that starting in turn 2, if they failed a toughness test, they would loose wounds, so I wanted to stop the flame cannons, and hope those units hurt themselves. These daemons also have the special rule that units in base to base with them take a STR 4 hit automatically at the beginning of combat, and have to re-roll any successful to wound rolls (and that big Daemon was T6!)

Prior to turn 1 I do march up the reavers on my left flank.

HE Turn 1
Advance the reavers even more on my left flank, followed closely by the flame phoenix. Make sure that the flame phoenix cannot be charged by CD warriros. On the right flank, move up the frost phoenix to go around enemy lines - make sure its out of charge arc of giant daemon.

Reavers arrive and put them on left flank to continue the flanking maneuvers. RBT arrives and is placed next to current RBT.

In magic - walk between worlds is used to move the flame phoenix up in position to charge war machines next turn; it is out of charge arc of the CD warriors. Shooting is ineffective.

CD Turn 1:
Giant daemon advances on my right flank, CD on my left turn to face phoenix and reavers (but don't turn enough to counter charge if war machines are charged).

Ash spell goes off on white lions - means they can only regular move. Flame cannon fires at silverhelms - not satisfied with the # hit, CD player re-rolls (sorcerlord gives this ability when next to warmachine) and mis-fires (just cannot shoot this turn).

HE Turn 2:

Silverhelms and white lions advance a bit - but weary of giant daemon to White lions left; move swordmasters up to tempt daemon charge. 2nd unit of reavers advances up left flank as well.

Reavers charge flame cannon w/flame phoenix; frost phoenix charges sorcerer lord.

In magic - first spell is dispelled, then CD players uses magic item to eliminate the rest of the dice.
Missile fire kills 1 CD, high elves need to return to the practice range I think.

In combat, 2 crew are killed from flame cannon, but it holds - note that only 6 models can attack in the war machine fight (we thought it was 4 and got the combat wrong) - A monster counts as 5 models) Phoenix and sorcerer lord fail to wound each other.

CD Turn 2:
Giant Daemon charges swordmasters - who flee and are not caught. CD on the left flank turn to face the HE lines (and reavers and silverhelms bearing down on them).

Giant daemon and Kadai both fail Toughness tests and take some wounds - a Kadai is removed from the game.

Flame cannon kills 4 silverhelms (ouch); white lions get ash cast on them again.

In combat - flame canon crew is killed by Flame Phoenix and reavers. Both turn to face the CD warriors they are behind. Frost Phoenix kills sorcerer lord.

HE Turn 3:
Reavers, 2 phoenix and silverhelms charge large block of CD warriors on my left. Other unit of reavers charges 2nd flame cannon.

Swordmasters rally and turn to face giant daemon that is inches away from them.

I get wildform off on the swordmasters. Missile fire is ineffective again.

CD hero in big block challenges - silverhelm champion accepts - Silhelm champion is killed w/o wounding the CD hero. Many CD warriors dies - but the unit holds on a stubborn 9.

Reavers loose combat to flame cannon and break - then proceed to run off the board in my turn (really, a flame cannon crew beat you?)

CD Turn 3:
Kadai charge flank of HE silverhelms, CD giant daemon charges swordmasters.

Flame cannon kills a couple of white lions in missile fire.

Swordmasters punch 2 wounds through on the giant daemon (it has now taken 5!) before getting mega stomped. 2 swordmasters live, but break and run - they are not caught.

All remaining CD warriors are killed in combat - including the hero - many kadai crumble due to combat results - 2 are left.

HE Turn 4:
Freed up phoenix from 1st CD warrior combat & white lions go into 2nd block of CD warrirors. Remaining reavers into flame cannon.

At this point - the CD player calls the game - he expects the white lions & phoenix to finish his other block of CD warriors, the phoenix and silver helms to finish of the kadai, and the reavers to take out the flame cannon - leaving only the daemon with 1 wound facing a mage, 2 blocks of archers, and 2 RBT.

Victory for the Asur!


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PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2014 7:15 pm 

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Hello all,

OK - final battle report.

Game 3 was against a WE player named Tom who was really looking forward to having a new book.

He had:

Noble on eagle (with 3+AS and 4+ WS)
Noble on steed (with wild riders)
Noble BSB
level 4 spell singer (beasts)
11 wild riders
3 x block of 14 archers (all with standards)
2 x block of 8 dryads
8 tree kin
2 eagles
6 way watchers

Scenario was watchtower - but without a real tower in the middle of the board (objective was to hold the table center), and I "won" the role to not put a unit in the middle of the board. Given that the only thing I could put in there were archers, I figured the wood elves would shoot it to bits.


Bad Guys:
[wild riders] [archers in building] [eagle][dryads][archers][treekin][archers][noble on eagle][eagle]

Good guys
-----[frost phoenix][RBT]-------------------[RBT]--------------------[flame phoenix]

I did not vanguard up the reavers, and the waywatchers ended up right behind my flame phoenix on my right flank.

WE Turn 1:
Archer units move up to ensure that they are within range of HE for shooting. Wild riders on my left move up aggressively, on my left an eagle also moves up and hides behind a building just out of my deployment zone. On my right, noble on eagle and eagle move up - but try to stay out of charge arc/range of the flame phoenix.

In the magic phase, I use dispel scroll on the boosted version of amber spear. In the shooting phase the reavers on the right disappear entirely and the reavers on the left flank make all of their armor saves (like 4 of them).

HE Turn 1

Frost phoenix moves up aggressively on left flank - will be able to charge archers or dryads next turn. Silverhelms move up and wheel to the left to challenge wild riders. Reavers on left move up and around building to be able to shoot at eagle on the left. Swordmasters move up and to the right some to face eagles/noble/dryads on the right.

Fire phoenix flies over waywatchers killing all but 1 of them with wake of fire!

Shooting and magic see me take 4-5 archers of of 2 of the wood elf archer units - enough to cause 2 panic tests which are both passed. I also get iceshard off on the eagle to my left - and between it and missile fire only take off 2 of the 3 wounds.

WE Turn 2
Wild riders turn to face silverhelms -both will dance for the rest of the game and neither will charge each other.
Eagle on left flank stays hiding behind building; eagle and noble on eagle on right flank dance around a bit trying to avoid fire phoenix. Lone way watcher moves up to charge RBT.

In my magic phase, I rolled a 5 and the phoenix ward was 4+. Wood elf player gets off boosted amber spear on the frost phoenix - but I ward save it.

Shooting kills my 2nd unit of reavers and takes off lots of white lions (including a hail of doom arrow), and reduces one of my archer units to 3 instead of 10. Ouch.

HE Turn 2
Frost Phoenix charges archers - they flee; I successfully redirect into dryads. Fire phoenix charges other dryad unit. White lions move up and now occupy space across from tree kin (I am firmly in control of spot where tower should be).

In magic and shooting - I reduce the archer unit on my far right to 1 model plus the spell singer. I still fail to kill the eagle on my right hiding behind the building (I get Iceshard off on it again, but fail to wound it).

Frost phoenix breaks dryads (kills 7, takes no wounds). They flee and I don't catch them. Firephoenix beats dryads -but they hold on real low roll. Fire phoenix takes 4 wounds in the process.

WE turn 3
Eagle noble on right charges archers - who flee and escape. Only moves 3"; Eagle on right moves to block swordmasters from charging eagle noble. Archers and dryads that were fleeing rally at the table edge. Frost Phoenix is about 6" away from both of them. Wild riders wiggle some. Spell singer moves out of archer unit of 1 and hides behind the tree kin.

Eagle on my left moves up to threaten bold thrower.

Shooting sees some more white lions go down due to arrow fire (I cannot make a 3+ AS for nothing). Magic sees wildform go off on the dryads facing the flame phoenix.

In combat - the dryads kill the flame phoenix. At the end of the turn - the burning embers claim another dryad.

HE Turn 4:
Frost phoenix charges archers w/BSB at edge of table. Swordmasters charge eagle on my right. White lions and silverhelms elect not to move. Archers rally.

Magic and shooting focused on wild riders and tree kin - succeed in killing 2 wild riders. One RBT did shoot and finish off that darn eagle on my left. I hit it 6 times!.

In combat, Swordmasters dispatch the eagle; follow up takes them into dryads that killed fire phoenix. The frost phoenix pounds the wood elf archers - they break and run off the table. He still has yet to take a wound, he reforms to face the spell singer & tree kin.

The fire phoenx is still burning bright - it kills 3 swordmasters and another dryad.

WE Turn 5:

Treekin fail a charge on white lions; wild riders move from middle of the board back to my opponents deployment zone trying to threaten frost phoenix. Noble eagle fails another charge on archer unit. Waywacher charges into RBT crew.

In magic - I dispel boosted amber spear. Wildform goes off on the treekin. In shooting; my archer unit on my left looses 7 of 10 archers - and passes their panic test.

In combat - swordmasters break the dryads, purse and run them down. The RBT crew kills the waywatcher foolish enough to attack them.

Flame phoenix burns bright - but does not come back. Nothing is within its large round template to be damaged.

HE Turn 5:

Well - I'm in the middle of the pack for the tournament - so its essentially a fun game - so I go ahead and charge the treekin with the phoenix and the white lions.

Swordmasters move up to support. Silverhelm turn to face the wild riders now in the enemy deployment zone.

I don't get anything interesting off in the magic phase - in shooting the RBT's now kill the exposed spell singer.

In combat - I kill a couple of tree kin, lose 6 white lions in return. Win combat - but the tree kin hold.

End of turn we roll to see if game ends - and it does!

Victory for the Asur!

With the bonus victory points for killing enemy general (spell singer), enemy BSB, and holding the spot for the watchtower, I was up by 1490 points.

Overall tournament was won by DE player, the nasty Daemon army I played was 2nd or 3rd. Ironically enough, Tom the wood elf player I played in round 3 also had maximum loss to the same Daemon army I lost to.

Other army in the top 2-3 was a Ogre Kingdom list.

I placed in top 1/2 of the 22 person tournament, and was happy with that given my start.

Coolest looking army was a HE army that has 2-3 converted sky cutters. It was a dragon themed list that used frost dragons to represent frost phoenix and they sky cutters were pulled by small frost dragons instead of Rocs.

Overall - maybe 1/2 of the armies were fully painted - the painting did not factor into final overall standings (that was just due to battle points).


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