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Author:  Toledo Inquisition [ Wed Oct 23, 2013 2:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Screw City 3000 points

Over the weekend, I went to Screw City in Rockford, Illinois, USA. 3000 points, no comp, bring what you want. Plenty of mean armies out there. 7/5/3 points for a win/draw/loss. At the end of the games, you were asked if you would play your opponent again/their list again/if they handled disputes okay. Each was worth a point. I gave max points to all. Points for favorite two opponents. 25 total points for painting.

Each player had a free non-casting hero on foot up to 130 total points, who would have an objective goal each game. The objective was worth 3 points. So what I'd consider 50 battle points (7+3)*5 games. The final tabulations are coming later today, but I'm presenting this from a win/objective Point of View.

The organizer did a tremendously great job, and would recommend this tournament next year to all. About 56 attendees. The final army breakdown was approximately (from the early entrees): High Elves 9, Demons 7, Dark Elves (old book) 5, Beastmen 5, Skaven 4, Empire 4, Lizards 3, Warriors 3, VC, OnG, Ogres, TK, Chaos Dwarves 2, Wood Elves 1, 0 Brets, I'm missing a few.

My list:

High Elves (2997)

Lords (651)

651 - Princess, Stardragon, Dragon Armor, Great Weapon, Talisman of Preservation, Charmed Shield, Other Tricksters Shard, Starlance

Heroes (685)

420 – Caradryan, Ashtari (Frostheart Phoenix)

120 – Noble, BSB, Dragon Armor, Shield of the Merwyrm

145 – Mage, L2 (Shadow lore), Dispel Scroll

Free Hero (0)

Noble, Dragon Armor, Moranion’s Wayshard
He would be 130 points normally

Core (751)

261 – 24 Spearmen, FC, Standard of Discipline

260 - 10 Silver Helms with Shields, FC

90 – 5 Ellyrian Reavers, Musician

140 - 12 Archers, Standard, Musician

Special (330)

330 – 20 White Lions, Standard, Musician, Banner of the World Dragon

Rare (580)

50 – Great Eagle

50 – Great Eagle

240 – Frostheart Phoenix

240 – Frostheart Phoenix

A complete movement and combat army, very little magic or shooting. My plan was to dictate the fights I wanted with my extreme movement, and to back up the Stardragon with the BOTWD to make it stubborn if needed. The White Lions could handle moderate threats but they didn’t have the numbers for major units. Caradryan with Ashtari was for Frost Phoenix redundancy and for double charges so that unit champs couldn’t negate the Stardragon. The eagles and Reavers would be used to distract any foes I didn’t want to fight. Shadow was taken partially because of the number of good spells (Miasma, strength and toughness reducers, Mindrazor) and also that the reducing spells remain in play and might cost dice in the opponents offensive magic phase. My free hero would ambush the spears from the opponent’s back line to kill warmachines, weak troops and provide combat resolution. I was hoping to avoid cannons, especially the Empire 4-5 cannon lists.

I was very fortunate to have all five opponents who were fun and exhibited good sportsmanship. I’d be happy to play any of them again.

Game 1

Battleline Scenario, with both sides deploying behind a screen, so you don’t know what you’d be up against. Major objective was to get your non-fleeing hero in your opponent’s deployment zone at the end of the game.

Opponent: Mark V., Demons

Demon Prince, L4 Tzeentch, Greater gift of +1 wounds, lesser gift, ASF sword, had Treason of Tzeentch, can’t remember the rest
Herald of Tzeentch, Metal
Herald of Nurgle, BSB, Greater Locus
Herald of Nurgle, freee
20 Plaguebearers, FC
11 Pink Horrors, Tzeentch (someone had Bolt of Change, someone had Gateway, I remember that), M, S, Gleaming Pennant
11 Pink Horrors, Tzeentch, M, S
11 Pink Horrors, Tzeentch, M, S
4 Beasts of Nurgle
4 Beasts of Nurgle
3 Beasts of Nurgle
3 Nurglings
3 Plague Drones, M, S, Eternal Flame
Skull Cannon
Skull Cannon

Terrain didn’t have any impact. I had Miasma and one of the strength/toughness reducers. I cast a few spells in the game, but they didn’t have much effect overall.

I put most of my army on my far right side, with the Archers and mage, Reavers, and one eagle in the center, right-center area. Mark had the Plaguebearers with all Nurgle characters, both 4 model Nurgle units, the Nurglings, the Demon Prince, one cannon, one unit of Pink Horrors in the center or on his right-center – so not opposite me. On his left, opposite me, he had a cannon, two Pink Horrors, 3 Beasts, and the Plague Drones. Deployment hurt him a lot more than me.

He had first turn, only damage was from his winds of magic (the 8 or 9 with the S9 template blast). Lost 3 or so Silver Helms and I think a few wounds to a big bird. His center cannon misfired and couldn’t shoot for 2 turns, and the other cannon was ward saved/missed. Blew my scroll on the Gateway on my dragon. He advanced cautiously on my right, the Nurgle stuff in the center came hard.

I flew all my big guys up the right side to get a good charge off in the second round. Trash troops in the middle moved to divert his center troops in the middle.

In the second, he didn’t charge as I didn’t set up anything good for him. In the second or third, he got off an irresistible Gateway on the Silver Helms. I remember that – 11 S10 hits wiped them off the board. The other cannon took a wound or two off one my big guys, maybe it was a Bolt of Change. The Princess, dragon and normal Frosthearts were taking a few wounds by this stage.

In my turn, I think the dragon charged the cannon and a Frost Phoenix went for a unit of Pink Horrors (or vice versa). I can’t remember exactly, but both of his units died within two rounds of fighting. Spears came on his left, in the combat zone, ready to charge the other Pink Horrors. My White Lions were exposed to his 3 Beasts of Nurgle, but I did have the Banner of the World Dragon (or I wouldn’t have left them so open). An eagle and reavers were distracting stuff in his middle. Archers backing up.

In his third, his Nurgle middle advanced more, but couldn’t do exactly what it wanted due to my Reavers/Eagles. His Demon Prince charged the left of my White Lions and the 3 Beasts charged their front. He didn’t think I had the BOTWD because I only had 20 White Lions. The drones had to move out the way a bit so they wouldn’t get a 2-3 monster charge. In his magic, he got off Treason on the White Lions. This was tough – they’d be taking a one time 8 leadership roll if they lost. His center cannon blasted poor Ashtari and Caradryan, who both failed their ward saves. I used my once a game reroll on Caradryan. He passed it, however, Ashtari took 5 or 6 wounds and died. The one Frostheart in combat killed its unit but I forgot to reform. Major mistake, as then it wouldn’t be able to charge in my turn. Only thing I can say is that it was real crowded in there, and I had to take the model off the stem and laid it close by – too many big monsters adjacent. I think I would have noticed if it was still on its stem, but by looking at the stem and base only, I missed it. The White Lions took 2 wounds off the Demon Prince out of 3 attacks (wow!) but only one or so off the 3 Beasts. I lost combat with some deaths/resolution, and lost a wound off the BSB, but made the one time 8 roll.

For my turn, either the dragon or the phoenix pointed at the fight took on the other Pink Horrors. The other stuff repositioned. I had to move the spearmen over so Caradryan could join them – I couldn’t leave 420 points exposed. Elsewise they would have gone for the Pink Horrors and I would have double monster charged the Drones. A eagle was in the area protecting a big bird’s backside, so that the Drones wouldn’t get in a cheap rear charge, without me having a chance to countercharge. The White Lions won combat or did a wound to the Demon Prince, as it took its third wound.

This game was going a bit slow, as we were rolling a lot of dice – we only got four or five turns in, I can’t remember exactly. He had a choice at this point – try to do something with his Nurgle center or go for the objective points. The character infantry block went for the objective points (which he eventually got). His furthest Nurgle Beasts unit never got in the game, and his middle one didn’t get to do anything but kill a wounded eagle. Well, things had been going too good for me. His winds of magic or a spell killed my blocking eagle near all my monsters and spearmen. The spearmen, L10 with the Standard of Discipline, Caradryan, and free hero all panicked off the board (outside the BSB’s range). I lost 681 points right there. In there, my general was down to one wound too. The Demon Prince/3 Beasts/White Lions was grinding down a bit, nothing definite, but his Prince was down to its last (5th) wound from the greater gift.

I charged the Demon with the dragon, and the back of the 3 Beasts with a Frost Phoenix. My General killed the Demon Prince, but at the same time, his ASF Demon Prince killed my general. Don’t remember what the other Phoenix did. The Beasts were down to 5 or 6 total wounds.

This must have been a 5 turn game, as his Drones charged the back of a Phoenix. By the end of the turn, I had killed the 3 Beasts but was locked in a combat with the Drones with a few of my three remaining monsters.

I’m sure I misremember a few things, but the general points remain. My only error that I can think of was forgetting to turn my phoenix that one turn. Mark noted after the game, he forgot to count the wounds done by his Nurgle units. I forgot that too, as Jeff F. had run Epidemius also in a practice game. In this case, it wasn’t too big a deal, as he probably only killed 7 White Lions with the 3 Beasts, plus perhaps another 4 on a wounded eagle and from the Drones. Excellent game and fun opponent.

I lost my general (not the dragon though), the eagles, Caradryan and Ashtari, Silver Helms, and the spears. He lost the Demon Prince, two units of Horrors with Banner points, 3 Beasts, and a cannon. For this one, I have the math written on his roster -I won 1311-1141, with the Demon costing 535 + 100 general points. I was feeling great - I did dictate the fights, as I had hoped coming in. Deployment didn’t hurt me, but did him, as his army was much wider. (I don’t remember all my games as well as this one, so the rest of the reports won’t be so full. )

Author:  Hortennse [ Wed Oct 23, 2013 8:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Screw City 3000 points

I was there and I saw your army. Looked really good. I've been working on my battle reports but it's been a busy week so I'll hopefully get them all up by Friday night or so. That was an awesome tournament and if anyone is close enough they should go next year. It's about 45 minutes west from Chicago.

Author:  Toledo Inquisition [ Wed Oct 23, 2013 9:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Screw City 3000 points

Thanks for the kind words. I'm super busy also, but want to finish by next week. I'll be back next year.

Main reason I'm posting is to show that a Monster Mash army can work; you just have to be fully committed to it. No half measures. I know there were at least two other Star Dragon lists there, and one for sure went 4-1.

The movement phase is the most critical for this list, hence the eagles being so critical. Nothing better than "railroading" a steam tank as my Empire opponent put it.

You guys will have to wait for the report where all four monsters charged the same unit. Sneak peak...the good guys win!

Author:  Hortennse [ Thu Oct 24, 2013 1:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Screw City 3000 points

It was cool, there were a lot of flyers in the high elf lists. I didn't take any, I took a character bus, I got lucky to win best general because Rodge won Best Overall, he went perfect 50 on battle points. Do you know where the results are posted?

Author:  prelude_to_war [ Thu Oct 24, 2013 3:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Screw City 3000 points

Nice report! It was good to see all of the HE armies at this tournament. I think there were 10 in total.

Final results available here:

Author:  Toledo Inquisition [ Thu Oct 24, 2013 11:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Screw City 3000 points

Game 2

Lauren P., Skaven

Battle Scenario layout, with each player given a secret mission for the free hero. My secret mission was to get my hero in her deployment zone, not die and not be fleeing at the end of the game.

Her list

Grey Seer on Bell with 40 Stormvermin, FC – Grey Seer had Dreaded 13th and the no fly spell for sure.
Plague Priest on Plague Furnace with 38 Plague Monks, FC
Engineer with Doom Rocket
Free Hero was an assassin

26 Clan Rats, FC with a Warpfire Thrower
26 Clan Rats, FC with a Ratling Gun
40 Slaves

10 Globadiers
8 Gutter Runners

1 Helpit
2 Doomwheels
2 Warp Lightning Cannons

Only one critical piece of terrain, which was a house about 13” off the back board edge, 35-40% off the left table edge. I won the roll to pick sides, so I took the side with a house.

In deployment, she had the Bell opposite my house, with a Clan Rats unit to her right (with Engineer and BSB), and a Doomwheel to her far right. Left of her Bell, she had a cannon in the back with the Globadiers in front, next to a Helpit. She then had her Furnace in the center, flanked by the slaves, then a cannon, rats, and on her far left the other Doomwheel. For me, I had the Star Dragon immediately behind the house, with Caradryan to her left, and both Frosties to his right. Left of Caradryan I had the Reavers and an Eagle. To the right of the Frosties, I had the White Lions and BSB (in range of all 4 big birds), the archers with mage, Silver Helms right of the center of board, and an Eagle. For spells, I had Miasma and a strength or toughness reducer. No spell I cast had any effect on the game.

Turn one, she moves up everything. The random movement stuff didn’t roll high, so she couldn’t zap my things, as hers were closer. She had to move up the Bell to get in range of the White Lions, because they were on a diagonal relative to their initial placement. One cannon misfired, and the other hit my Princess on Star Dragon – luckily it was only S4 or S6, and no wounds were done to either my general or dragon. Major bullet dodged there. She had rung the Bell, which had moved her up another 4” – this put her Bell much closer to my big stuff. Dreaded 13th then cast on my White Lions. For the second game in a row, I used my dispel scroll on the first spell cast. I stopped the spell which wouldn’t have let me fly. Nothing else important.

In my first turn, everything was set up for it – all four monsters successfully charged the Bell’s unit, with the dragon and a regular Frostheart touching the Bell itself. Everything else just maneuvered, trying to make things tough for the random charge units to counter charge. In close combat, I killed the Grey Seer, put a few wounds on the Bell and killed a bunch of infantry. No more Dreaded 13th or L4, awesome. I had 1551 army points in that combat – wow.

Starting in the second turn, and going through the fourth turn, Lauren’s dice really sucked, especially the Doomwheels. She was doing her best to bring them to the fight, but they were not cooperating. By the end of the fourth turn, they had mostly killed themselves. I probably put the last wounds on one of them, but they did most of the damage to themselves. Since the cannons couldn’t shoot my big stuff, they went after my Silver Helms. Between the Globadiers and cannons, I lost 4 Silver Helms. I think one cannon landed way short or overshot by a lot. Furnace and Helpit were coming up the middle towards the White Lions and Silver Helms, with the Globadiers between them, and back a bit. No Gutter Runners. The two Clan Rat units and slaves were hanging back a bit going for flank maneuvers, with slaves losing a few models from some dangerous terrain. I don’t remember magic having a huge effect from this point on – perhaps a few wounds here and there to units (including Frosthearts) but nothing memorable. In close combat, I killed the Bell and most of the unit, and Caradryan/Ashtari and the right Frostie were freed from combat.

For my turn, there was a 5.5”-6” gap between the Helpit and Furnace. My remaining 6 Silver Helms went after the Globadiers through this gap and hit them. I had to kill them and overrun or the furnace would have flanked me to the right and overrun towards the White Lions. At this stage, the White Lions were even to the building’s right side, just supporting with the BSB roll. I think I had my free Frostie position itself to take the impact of the Helpit rather than it hitting the White Lions. Caradryan flew towards her right cannon (outside the charge range of a Clan Rat/BSB unit). Spears can on board and angled towards her left cannon from the left side. Dragon and Frostheart finished off the Bell’s unit. Sliver Helms killed enough Globidiers for them to flee. I pursued, but didn’t catch the last two (who eventually were caught by a Frostheart or fled off the board around turn 5).

In turn three, the Helpit hit a Frostheart. Her left Doomwheel went after the archers and mage and made it into combat I think. She made a real smart move by reforming her left Clan Rats and moved back towards my spears. Her right Doomwheel was close to my left eagle and Reavers, but was busy wounding itself. The Furnace positioned itself to go for White Lions. Her Gutter Runners came in, and took a pot shot at something but didn’t do much. Slaves were in the middle of nowhere. Her cannons shot at my free monsters and put come wounds on Caradryan/Ashtari who was going to get her right cannon next turn. Doomwheel beat the archers, who broke but weren’t caught. I think sometime in the game, this Doomwheel killed the archers/mage before dying but that is foggy. Frostheart/Helpit was a stalemate.

In my third, Caradryan went for a cannon, and the Star Dragon went for the Helpit. I wanted the spears to go for the other cannon, but in case I wasn’t able to kill the cannon (they are only spears after all) and reform, my flank would be exposed, and there would be a good chance I’d lose to combat resolution. With my free hero in there and being mindful of my secret objective, I had to reform to face the Clan Rat unit. I moved the remainder of my monsters around to provide charge support if I needed it, and moved my eagles. One was set so that the frenzied Furnace would have to overrun away from the White Lions, and the other was moving towards my spears and the other cannon. The White Lions were moving behind the house to stay out of the way of the Furnace for the rest of the game. The Reavers failed a march block and were stuck near the Gutter Runners. In combat, the Star Dragon and Frostheart killed the Helpit (which didn’t come back) and Caradryan killed a cannon.

In here fourth turn, the Clan Rats charged the spears. Furnace into the eagle. At least one Doomwheel was dead by now. Her BSB/Engineer Clan Rat unit was getting out of the way from monsters. Her Gutter Runners then began a dance with the Reavers which lasted the rest of the game – they’d shoot at the Reavers, who would then move around a forest up the far left side of my board edge. At the end of the game, there was still one Reaver running away from the Gutter Runners. Big thing here was that the cannon near the spears hit my Star Dragon with a S10 blast. General ward saved the hit, but the Star Dragon took 6 wounds, and only had one left. Somewhere around here, something killed the Silver Helms – don’t know if it was shooting, magic, or combat. Her assassin popped out of the Clan Rats and challenged. I declined and my free hero was sent to the back. I won combat, pursued, but didn’t catch her.

In my fourth turn, Caradryan or a Frostie took out her last cannon. Eagle was closing in on the Clan Rats near the spears. The rest of my stuff was starting to play keep away. Cannon died. At this stage, I didn’t want to do anything stupid as I had a big lead.

In her fifth turn, Clan Rats rallied. Furnace wasn’t able to do anything important. Other clan rats played defensive and moved a bit to get a nice look at the White Lions behind the house. Ratling gun (?) killed an eagle. Slaves were out of it. Doom Rocket killed 10 or so White Lions, who pass their panic.

In my fifth turn, I played defensive. Nothing exciting.

In her last turn, the Clan Rats charge the spears. Assassin challenges, my champ accepts. Pushed combat, nothing happening in the challenge.

In my last turn, nothing exciting. Assassin and champ both still don’t do anything to each other. Locked combat at the end of the game.

It turns out her secret mission was for her character to kill something in a challenge. In two combat rounds her assassin couldn’t kill a stupid spear champ. Man, that frosted her more than anything else that happened to her. Her Assassin and Doom Wheel dice were just terrible. I think I still would have had a very good chance to win with the early Bell death, but it could have been a lot closer.

She lost the Grey Seer/Bell unit, Globadiers and all her rares. I lost the Eagles, Silver Helms and I think the archers/mage.

Author:  Toledo Inquisition [ Fri Oct 25, 2013 10:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Screw City 3000 points

Game 3

Sean T., Empire

I met Sean for the first time when we were bringing our armies into the building at the same time. He had Empire, and I said I hoped not to face him. Oh, well.

His army – no list, but approximately.

Archlector (general)
L4, Life (Toughness, Throne, Regen, Regrowth) – He dropped Dweller’s, because of so many single models.
L1, Metal – Searing Doom
Warrior Priest with White Cloak
Free Hero – Witchhunter with pistols, ASF sword, potion of Strength

40 Halberds, FC
40 Halberds, FC
20 Handgunners, FC
4 Demis, naked
4 Demis, naked
5 pistoliers

Blood and Glory. For the objectives, you had to switch your free heroes, and kill the model you brought. So I had to kill my Wayshard hero, and therefore my spears couldn’t ambush. Real bad news, as I haven’t had a lot of luck with small units of spears. For my spells, I had Miasma and toughness reduction.

There was only one key terrain piece – a house in the deployment zone (roughly 11” off the back line), about 35% off the board’s edge.

So I had 7 fortitude, and he had 6. We rolled off for sides, and he won and took the side with the house, which ended up being huge. For deployment, he put a block of halberds and all the characters except the Warrior Priest in the house (my hero in the house also). Four Demi’s and a Steamtank to his right (the short board side relative to the house). Hurricanium on the other side of the house and back a bit. Next Halberds with Priest, cannon back a bit, then the Handgunners, cannon back a bit, Steamtank, Demi’s on his far left. Pistoliers on the left side someplace. Great deployment, I would have done the same thing if him, with all that stuff in the house.

For me, I had the White Lions opposite his house with BSB and Witch Hunter, next to Silver Helms and an eagle to their left (the short side relative to his house). To the right of the Lions, I had all four my big monsters, Reavers with archers and mage behind, then the spears and an eagle on my right.

To see who went first, I had the +1. He won with a roll of 3 to 1. Crud, I needed the first turn bad, so that I would only take one round of cannon fire. I used my once a game reroll. Another 1. He said that if I had rolled moderate, he probably would used his reroll to try and deny me first turn. That is how critical we both thought it. But in the end, it was the roll for sides that was more critical. I didn’t have anything that could kill 40 Halberds plus characters – he had four fortitude in the building. I had three choices – try to terror charge them out of the building, panic them out of the building with a destroyed unit close by, or win by points. Well, I could try to pick off fortitude with my borrowed Hunter, but the shooting penalties in a building with sniper and double tapping are huge.

My vanguard of the Reavers was minimal – I didn’t want to bring the Demi’s on the right side his building too close to the action too soon.

Turn one, he IF’d Searing Doom on the Silver Helms and killed four. No damage or consequences to his mage. He isn’t wounded and rolls a 4+ not to get sucked into the void. In shooting, one Steamtank misfired in the shooting phase. The other three cannons killed my general, put a wound on the dragon, killed Caradryan, and perhaps 1-2 wounds on Ashtari. Terrible, but it could have even been worse. Down to 5 Fortitude. I had no choice – I advanced most of my army, archers hanging back a bit. The smaller threat combat stuff (eagles, Spears) had to be a bit careful so not to get charged. I think I did a good job by the building by not exposing the Reavers to a Hurricanium charge. Eagle on my left was getting close to annoy the Steamtank, but not too close.

Turn two, not much moved. His right Steamtank couldn’t shoot the monsters due to the building line of sight, so it and the right Demi’s moved up. In magic, I burned my scroll on a big Searing Doom. His cannons didn’t do too many wounds to my big stuff (maybe two total), nothing to the dragon. There were line of sight issues – I think one cannon had to finish off my right eagle after Pistoliers and Handgunners couldn’t kill it (or that cannon would have been charged in my turn).

My turn, dragon and a Frostheart charged the exposed Halberds with Warrior Priest. Another Frostheart charged the Hurricanium (couldn’t have a flank chariot countercharge). With my last Frostie, I moved it parallel and 1” off his left Steamtank so that it could only go straight ahead and not charge/shoot the cannon. My left eagle did the same to his other Steamtank. Reavers charged the cannon between the Halberds and Handgunners. Frostie on the Hurricanium whiffed and he did one back – a push! Killed a bunch of Halberds, he held. Reavers killed the cannon, and I said what the heck, and overran them into the Handgunners. I couldn’t have them dictate combat or shooting. An excellent round for me; I was particularly happy with my blocking of both Steam Tanks. The Eagle on my left was effectively delaying both the Steamtank and the Demi’s on that side.

Round three, he got off Throne and T7 on the Halberds, really slowing that fight down. His left Demi’s charged the spears – I fled. He redirected to the archers, I fled. Pistoliers charged the spears, I kept fleeing. Two failed charges. His right Demi’s reformed to come around the back of the building to help out. His one free cannon had no good cannon shots due to his troops being behind my free Frostie. In combat, my Reavers actually won combat, but lost a few. He held. His other stuff didn’t break either.

In my turn, the last Frostie charged the Handgunners to take off pressure from the Reavers. My living left eagle railroaded his steamtank again. Silver Helms in the middle of the board reform and railroad his left side Steamtank. Both the archers (L9 with musician) and spears (L10 with musician and Standard of Discipline) keep fleeing. Spears stop 0.5” from board edge. In turns two and three my White Lions have been moving up while staying out of a direct Steamtank path. It would be worthless for them to charge the building – I have to go for points. At this stage, I need the BSB reroll in the area more than anything else. My Witch Hunter shoots in the building in turns 3 and 4 – no effect. I break the Hurricanium, but don’t pursue, as it is about 5” off the board edge. It goes off the board edge. Mindful of my game 1 experience, I reform facing the threats to my right. I kill the Handgunners, both the last living Reaver and Frostie pursue as he was over 25% and 8-9” off the board edge. Something caught them. In the Star Dragon/Frostie/Halberd combat, I win and he is down to champ, Warrior Priest and Standard. He breaks, and I don’t pursue, as after the Standard goes down, he is left with a Warrior Priest and a unit champ. I reform to the center to look for other threats. All his guys in the building don’t fail any panic tests.

In turn 4, for some reason he had to reform his right Demi’s again to go around the building the way they started. It sounds stupid, but there was a logical reason for it, but I don’t remember why. Both his Steamtanks are still railroaded. His Pistoliers are in the center of the board opposite my archers, and his other Demi’s are reforming towards my four monsters. His one Halberd champ/Warrior Priest rally on snake eyes! Sigh. In magic, disaster. His L1 IF’d big Searing Doom on my Star Dragon and kills it. Nothing bad happens to his L1.

In my turn 4, I have to redirect a Frostie that was needed elsewhere to see the two fools who just rallied. Parked it in front of building so he couldn’t cannon it from his one free cannon, ready for a turn 5 charge. The other two Frosties charge his left Demi’s. I actually rally both the spears and archers. Silver Helms aren’t in a position to march block this turn. I have to sacrifice my left remaining Eagle so that his Steamtank on the short side of the building doesn’t hit White Lions. My L2 actually casts something that matters – I get Miasma off on his Steamtank near the double Frostie/Demi fight for movement -3. We discussed this and agreed ahead of time that if he rolled 11” for Steamtank movement, that would be reduced to 8”, that sort of thing. We thought that was the way you’d handle random movement and Miasma. In the top of 5, this will stop him less than 3” short from impacting a Frostie. My archers shoot at the Pistoliers, and kill one. I win the double Frostie/Demi fight but he holds.

Top of 5, his right Steamtank smashes into the blocking eagle. His left Steamtank falls those 2.5” short of a impacting a Frostie. Pistoliers charge the archers/mage, I stand and shoot, killing one. They are fine and complete the charge. His right Demi’s are out of position and come around the building some more. They will have a charge on the White Lions in the 6th. In magic, his L1 IF’s big Searing Doom on the 6 remaining Silver Helms, killing them. So I’m down to 4 Fortitude (although I don’t realize it at the time). Nothing bad happens to his L1. Frostie/Demi fight keeps going. . In the archer fight, between my archers whiffing some, and some great 5+ AS rolls, he only loses one Pistolier. He kills two archers, so I have a banner, kill and he has three kills, charge and wins. I hold on steadfast. Wow, didn’t see that coming.

Bottom of 5, my free Frostie charges and then will munch the Halberd champ and Warrior Priest. I kill the cannon. Spears are so far out of it, they can’t help the archers. Witch Hunter still can’t hit anything in the building. In the archers combat, he kills two, I kill one. He makes at least two more armor saves. Banner, kill cancels his kills, musicians push. He is down to one Pistolier. I’m at five-six total archers including mage at this point. The double Frosties break the Demi’s, pursue, catch them, and overrun into his last cannon.

Top of 6, his living Demi’s don’t charge the stubborn White Lions in the rear – I’d probably wouldn’t break. In the previous turn, I had left my back exposed so that the BSB wouldn’t be in the fighting rank. Steamtank charges a Frostie in combat with cannon. In combat, my archers whiff. He kills one or two archers, so that I’m down to three archers and my mage. I break. He says “Game over”. I say “What?”, and he says Fortitude is down to three. Oh crud, he is right. After the archers were charged by the Pistoliers, the Searing Doom wiped out my extra Fortitude that I had had in the Silver Helms. I’m down to my last three – BSB, Lions, Spears.

I think both Sean and I both played very well in this game. He did the smart thing putting all the fortitude in the building, as I wouldn’t be able to kill it, I’d only be able to panic or terror it out if he stayed in. The rest of his moves were well thought out. The only thing I can think of doing different, is that my archers may have been able to move and shoot at the Pistoliers in the second turn, hitting on 6’s or 7’s (move, long, I think there was hard cover). Maybe I could have shot down a pistolier. Sometimes you play well and lose. I railroaded his steamtanks at least four total times, maybe five, not allowing them to turn or shoot and mostly keeping them out of combat; I was pleased with that.

At the bottom of the 5th, I believe the game was a virtual push – I lost the eagles, Silver Helms, and Dragon/General. So that would be 1111 points. The Halberds would be about 270, Priest about 120, Cannon 120, Handgunners 210, Demi’s 232, Hurricanium 130, a couple of banners 50 – roughly 1132 for him.

His L1 accounted for 911 victory points by itself and a point of Fortitude, and the last Pistolier got him the win. To lose a game to a Pistolier unit and a L1 mage stings a lot. Neither of us killed our swapped characters, so no objectives.

So after day one, I was 2-1 with one objective taken. All three opponents were fun and cheerful people, so I had achieved three good games.

Author:  Toledo Inquisition [ Tue Oct 29, 2013 11:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Screw City 3000 points

Game 4

Ken M., balanced Dwarves

I was disappointed when I saw I had Ken as my Game 4 opponent – not because we don’t like playing each other, but because he was one of my primary practice opponents developing my list, and we had fought three practice games with pretty much the same lists.

His list

Thorek and anvil
Dwarf Lord on Shieldbearers, defense and ASF sword to build rank and file kills
Dwarf BSB, defensive
Free Hero

40 Longbeard Rangers, great weapons, throwing axes
35 or so Hammerers
Low 30’s crossbows with great weapons

Two runed up cannons
Organ Gun

The objective was for your free hero to kill an enemy character or champ.

As Ken and I had discussed before, the question is whether he can kill enough of my monsters before combat. If so, he probably wins; if not, I have the good chance to win. He had many points geared to shutting down magic, and I didn’t care too much about casting, which gave me a big advantage.

For me, I don’t remember my spells, but they weren’t awesome for this matchup. Didn’t matter, I didn’t try to cast anything all game. I think in turn 2, I rolled a 2 and 1 for winds of magic. That meant I had 2 casting dice, and he had 8 dispel dice. It was pretty funny. I would have hated to be a magic heavy army against him.

I won the dice roll off for sides, and took the side with a nice building for cover. I also won first turn, even with him getting +1. My important stuff was at a diagonal to his army on his left half the board. I moved up my Reavers and monsters, getting ready for a turn two charge. Close but not too close for a long range charge from his Crossbows, which would be the only unit that could charge even with the anvil.

His turn – one Frostheart ward saves a cannonball. His other cannonball hits my princess and Star Dragon. Charmed Shield saves the hit on my general, and he rolls a 1 to wound the dragon. Wow. The organ gun is out of range. It couldn’t have worked out better so far if I drew it up. Terrible luck for Ken. He then ancient powers the anvil (needing to use Kragi already) on all three of my Phoenixes, doing two wounds to one and three to another. Anvil gets five wounds on Phoenixes, and cannons none? It is a crazy game sometimes.

Turn two, the Reavers charge one cannon, and Star Dragon charges another. Both cannons will die. Other monsters move their 4 total inches. My spears come on the back side and are in charging position versus the organ gun or back of the Hammerers (with Lord on Shieldbearers).

In his turn, I think he charged (maybe anviled) the Rangers into my Silver Helms, who fled. Organ gun didn’t do much. Other units reposition themselves, with the Crossbows (including BSB and Runesmith) advancing towards my White Lions with mage and BSB.

In my 3rd turn, the Star Dragon charges Thorek, spears charge the Organ Gun. Silver Helms rally, and the monsters get ready for combo charges. I use an eagle to block the Hammerers from getting a charge off on one of my monsters.

Bottom of the third, his Crossbows charge the White Lions, who hold. Hammerers are blocked, and Rangers are too far out for upcoming fights near his Hammerers and Crossbows. In combat, he kills my mage and the fight drags on to the next round. Star Dragon kills Thorek and the anvil, and spears kill the Organ Gun. Both units reform for turn 4 charges.

Top of the fourth, the Star Dragon and a Frostie charge (opposite sides) the Hammerers and the spears charge the rear of the Hammerers. Caradryan, Ashtari and the other Frostie charge the White Lion/Crossbow fight. Lots of Dwarves go down, but he holds.

Bottom of the fourth, his Rangers fail a long range charge. In close combat, Caradryan and those forces break and catch the Crossbows. Might be in the top of the fifth. Star Dragon and princess kill the Dwarf Lord, many more dwarves die. I think they will die to a dwarf in the top of the fifth. Somehow his Hammerer champ dies early in the fight, so there is nothing my free hero can kill. I don’t remember if I directed an attack at him or if he died to a challenge someplace. The Hero definitely wouldn’t have been able to kill the Lord on Shieldbearers. I put an eagle in the way of the Rangers.

My top of the fifth, cleanup and moving away from the Rangers – no need to fight them. Bottom of the fifth, my eagle dies. I run away and hide in the sixth.

Ken didn’t do a thing wrong from my perspective, his pregame and first turn dice let him down, plus a few long range charges failed. I lost an eagle and L2 mage (who was in the White Lions so the anvil wouldn’t panic the mage and archers off the board early, which has been my experience). No objective points – the only thing my free hero could have killed was a unit champ, and he died early in a fight. I don’t remember how.

3-1 at this point, but with only one objective.

Author:  Toledo Inquisition [ Mon Jan 20, 2014 10:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Screw City 3000 points

Well, I guess I forgot to do the right-up on the last game. It was against Demons, heavy on Khorne. I pulled out a win by about 900 points I think.

From what I remember - two cannons, block of Bloodcrushers with general, couple units of Khorne infantry, two small blocks of Tzeentch Pink Horrors, disc Tzeentch caster, chaff, Bloodthrone(?) with BSB, and huge claw monster which is T7 and nasty! (I never had played or seen the last two, and they almost did me in).

Highlights: Princess and dragon soloed the Bloodthrone and BSB, with Dragon and Princess wiping it.

Phoenixes played well. One took a cannonball early for 4 wounds but lived the entire game.

I got stupid in the last turn and charged the T7 claw monster thing with two of my three Phoenixes and Princess and Stardragon. Figured it would be an easy fight. Wrong. I totally whiffed, and the Stardragon took 6 wounds from the claw initiative test. Princess had to ward save against a bunch of stomps; luckily she made enough.

White Lions sealed off one of his Khorne blocks and Bloodcrushers, because he didn't want to go against the BOTWD.

Spears still didn't do anything and Silver Helms were killed by magic from all the Tzeentch mages. People say Tzeentch isn't very good, but if you can keep all your mages out of combat like he did, it is very solid.

Author:  Toledo Inquisition [ Mon Jan 20, 2014 11:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Screw City 3000 points

I was very happy; I went 4-1 and finished 13th/54 in battle points. I think around 4 people dropped out late because I thought there were around 58 players. I could have done better with objectives though.


Frosties: A+ I think they didn't die at all in any game! Maybe one death in 10 combined games for the pair. They helped me dominate.

Princess/Stardragon: A Princess died twice, dragon died twice (although once was because I didn't know the danger of the unit I charged and was my fault). Only gave up my full points once. I love my Princess build, it got the job done. Just such a huge target, but IF you make it to combat, this combination is golden.

Eagles: A- They are critical for my play style - Reavers wouldn't be able to get in way when I need it like this pair of eagles. Downgraded to an A- for panicking Caradryan and the spears off the board, and for causing panic tests with their deaths.

Reavers: B Easy to kill for their points, but they played well, especially versus the Dwarves and Empire.

White Lions and BSB (and the Banner of the World Dragon!): B They didn't die at any time (although the first game was close), but didn't do much killing either. 20 White Lions isn't that much of a threat to serious units. I don't like my foot BSB's build, but points are real tight in this list. Biggest uses for this unit are the stubborn element for the dragon, and to provide a stubborn roadblock element for a few turns if needed.

Caradryan and Ashtari: B I needed the third Frostie for overkill in this list and it worked out great, but Caradryan doesn't cut it enough himself for 420 points. Lost the unit once.

Author:  Toledo Inquisition [ Mon Jan 20, 2014 11:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Screw City 3000 points

Mage: C In there for the Dispel Scroll and +2 to dispel. I'm guessing I successfully cast about 4 spells in 5 games. Just not enough spell choice to scare the enemy. After the Empire game, to become a Metal mage to 6-die the default spell against Steam Tanks and Monstrous Cavalry.

Silver Helms: C Died in 4 of 5 games. Not a serious threat, but usually it takes a while to kill the unit. I have to experiment more with this unit, as it has been underperforming for me. Perhaps I can use a second unit instead of spears, to spread their threat zone around.

Archers: C+ Didn't die too much, but there weren't enough eagles/dogs/small chaff to shoot at.

Spears (even with a free hero): C- They were not good, even in an ambush role, which was a gimmick. Game one, they could have done something but panicked off the board. Not their fault (just dice), but it left me feeling negatively towards them. Did okay versus Skaven, but Clan Rats scared them, so I had to show them my front instead. Out of position versus the Empire, and would have gotten killed versus Demi's - so I had to keep them out of the fight. Did well versus Dwarves, but I had that game won without them. Got smooshed by a block of Pink Horrors and a Skullcannon in the last game. In my opinion, 24 spears isn't enough. You need more or very heavy magic support to get use out of them. They can't outfight 250 points of other things, and die too quick to usually provide a rank bonus.

In this tournament, my Princess and Stardragon, Caradryan and Ashtari, and the two Frost Phoenixes did about 85%-90% of my killing. They were the real deal.

I only made two major mistakes - in game 1 I forgot to reform and in game 5, I charged a big nasty beast when I should have played it safe.

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