A tale of Ellyrion: A 1st Tournament win. Game 3 report.
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Author:  Findolfin [ Thu Feb 09, 2012 10:58 pm ]
Post subject:  A tale of Ellyrion: A 1st Tournament win. Game 3 report.

This is a blog about my all cavalry elven host at 2500 pts.

Originally based around a Lothern Sea Guard core unit, my host initially incorporated the trademark of Seredain, the silver helm cavalry Prince. Evolution saw it come closer and closer to his 2nd list as I was more and more drawn to cavalry. At this point, I feel I needed to move away from the balanced army list for the better or the worst. The choice between elite infantry or cavalry was made in favor of the later. The main reason is that I favor speed, mobility, versatility and resiliency above "glass canons". The only reason I keep an infantry core is because I am forced to by the rules, so it's all cavalry ( special choices ) as far as it is doable for high elves.

For initial list and battle reports: http://www.ulthuan.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=38302

REFERENCE: ( This will get updated page by page as I get more reports done )

Painting blog new

About the army and it's evolution

Game 8 (win)

About the second list

Game 9 (win)

Game 10 Riders of Ulthuan (win)

Game 11 Riders of Ulthuan (loss)

Game 12 Riders of Ulthuan vs Lord Anathir High Elves (loss)

Game 13 Riders of Ulthuan vs Jwg20 Vampire Counts (win)

Game 14 Riders of Ulthuan vs Brewmasterd Skavens (draw)

Game 15 Riders of Ulthuan vs Empire ( Tournament game )

Game 16 Riders of Ulthuan vs Orcs&Goblins ( Tournament game )

Game 23 Riders of Ulthuan vs Empire

8th Edition - Fantasy Fest Team Tournament report ( Escalation 1500 )
8th Edition - Fantasy Fest Team Tournament report ( Escalation 2000 )
8th Edition - Fantasy Fest Team Tournament report ( Escalation 2500 )

Riders of Ulthuan: ''We ride until the sun sets..."
Latest list (2500pts):
Prince Malrik, General: GW, Barded Steed, Radiant Gem, Jewel of Dusk.
Sir Lorik, BSB: GW, Barded Steed, Dragon Armor, Helm of Fortune, G. Phoenix.
Lady Laetitia, Lvl2 Lore of Beast: Silverwand

11 Archers - mu, champ
50 Spears - FC, Banner of swiftness

14 Silver Helms, shields, musician
14 Dragon Princes, musician, Champ, iron curse
5 Elyrian Reavers, Bow, Musician, Champion
5 Elyrian Reavers, mu, bow swap.
14 White Lions FC, amulet of light, Gleaming pennant

Old list (3000pts):
Prince Malrik : Elven Steed, Dragon Armor, Foe Bane, Enchanted Shield, Vambraces of defense, Gem of Courage
Noble Lorik : BSB, Great Sword, Dragon Armor, Crown of Command, Opal Amulet
Archmage Lady Letitia: Book Of Hoeth
Mage Arya: Seer Staff

48 LSG, FC, Banner of Arcane Protection
10 Archers

20 White Lions, FC, Lion standard
21 White Lions, FC, Banner of Sorcery
14 Silver Helms, FC
5 Shadow Warriors

Author:  Findolfin [ Thu Feb 09, 2012 10:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2400 ETC Sea Guard core for roadtest in 2v2.

About the Second List.

First and foremost, the LSG was the main unit of this army so I kept it since it never failed me. I played it as a horde at 3k, unfortunately 35 was the maximum possible at the 500 points limit of ETC format for High Elves. Since I am forced to take a 10 archers units to fill the rest of core, it nicely add up to 45, which is the maximum of shooting models allowed. So please, this part is not negociable for both theses reasons and also the figurines I actually have. I like fielding my maiden guards and using the lady as my archmage.

What I did:
- I dropped the shadow warriors, second mage and the Prince.

- I was not yet ready to get rid of Serain cavalry TM, which I really thank him for, so I reduced the size of the silverhelms and made room for a noble to replace the Prince. I think he is survivable enough and can deliver some steady wounds. I've let go the idea of the foe bane sword in favor of a GW with the shard to get trough armor save easier and force ward rerolls, which was something I struggled alot more with than wounding.

- I dropped one RBT, they were not much successful for me so far but I'd rather keep one so their scouts and machine hunters are busy. There is also the odd time you wish you had one, so I'll see after next game if I drop the last RBT too.

- I decided to drop my second unit of White Lions and bolster a bit the one I kept. It pains me but I was a little short on points too and I Life Lore being single unit augments, 3 main units was a bit hard to manage. I also felt I needed one more mobile and reliable scary enough unit to deal with war machines and threathen backlines / flanks aka Dragon Princes. The Chariot fitted in nicely, I used it in my very first game and it was giving a nice frontal support to any engaged units. I have a mind to use it with the LSG since at 35 or so models, it now will probably have a smaller frontage to enable such a combo.

- I dropped the Book of Hoeth for the silverwand, following Hero's recommendation ( might make friends too ). This enabled me both to make the BSB more survivable by putting the crown of command and loremaster cloak on the Archmage. Fluffwise, she is the general and I like the idea of her having the CoC since her figurine does sport a tiara crown. This also left room for items on both characters to boost the LSG, especially since I sorely lacked a unit able to deliver magical attacks.

My playstyle so far was to mostly rely on Flesh to Stone and Stubbornness of troops, and draw in the ennemy to attack the main battle unit housing my AM and BSB ( or ignore it at his own peril ). I think my Archmage will do fine and reliably cast spells, still on IF when really needed by throwing all dices at it while protected by Vines. The bulk of my troops are still Stubborn and I hope they will still be able to carry the weight of that missing WL unit. The added DPs and Chariot should give me more tools to shoulder that task.

I know investing in a Drakemaster ain't a popular choice but I wanted to playtest a little if the shield, amulet and foolhardiness potion could increase his survivability. He still should ignore the first hit, and then have good chances to ignore the next wound while he will get 4 attacks on first charge. Will be at least fun to try.

For the items between the Archmage and BSB, they make the LSG: immune to fear ( Terror become Fear ), give a 2+ ward vs dmg spells, give stubborn and magical attacks to both CC / shooting. The standard of discipline makes LD tests on 10 rerollable, due to BSB LD9 even ignoring the General LD. It normally should hold together with Life magic.

I also toyed with the idea of dropping the chariot and some points elsewhere for lvl 1 mage with Beast signature spell and staff of solidity so he don't die the first time he throw everything at it. Bunker him in archers. I decided against it.

Redirectors: I do not possess great eagles figurine. I hate the idea of theses. While I cannot deny the use of redirectors having real merits, I'm not sold to the idea of unit sacrifices as road blocks. Both fluffwise and because I rely on stubborn troops and try to lure the ennemy into actually engaging my battle blocks asap. So I am not sure it would work out. My rationale behind this is in the ennemy head, T3 elves are roadkills. They tend to forget we have a high leadership and if we can minimize our casualties trough our best asset, which is magic, they stand all chances to break trough CR on the long run ( prolly short run ).

Thanks to Swordmaster, Hero, SpellArcher, Curu and Daber for all the feedbacks. I tried to take into account many of your suggestions while keeping the spirit of the LSG idea. I will make sure to take pictures of the battle tomorrow and make a full battle report afterward. I am expecting a huge challenge since I am the only one that restricted himself in his list to try ETC format, the ennemy will have access to named characters and no such limitations except for 2400 points. Any constructive feedback is welcomed until then and I am totally affraid of the Ogres btw but my Kislev ally will have many warmachines, including great cannons.


Author:  Curu Olannon [ Thu Feb 09, 2012 11:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2400 ETC Sea Guard core for roadtest in 2v2.

I will comment on the list later, however first I urge you to check the ETC restrictions again. They were changed about a week or two ago and this greatly impacts your army.

Author:  Findolfin [ Fri Feb 10, 2012 5:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2400 ETC Sea Guard core for roadtest in 2v2.

Yea, seems they dropped HE back from 500 to 450 points max per unit but gave 100 points more overall (2500 ). Not sure if I missed something else affecting my army. I'll recheck tomorrow.

Author:  pk-ng [ Fri Feb 10, 2012 7:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2400 ETC Sea Guard core for roadtest in 2v2.

Noble ( GW, Barded Steed, Dragon Armor, Helm of Fortune, Other Trickster Shard, Talisman of Protection )

Illegal - that's 55 points of magic items

Why the longbow on the BSB? To fill in points?

Author:  Curu Olannon [ Fri Feb 10, 2012 9:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2400 ETC Sea Guard core for roadtest in 2v2.

The build is fine, talisman is only 10p for HE.

When can we expect an updated list?

Author:  Elessehta of Yvresse [ Fri Feb 10, 2012 9:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2400 ETC Sea Guard core for roadtest in 2v2.

I'm assuming the BSB will be with the Sea Guard, so the bow will allow him to shoot with them.

Author:  Findolfin [ Fri Feb 10, 2012 7:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2400 ETC Sea Guard core for roadtest in 2v2.

Tiralya wrote:
I'm assuming the BSB will be with the Sea Guard, so the bow will allow him to shoot with them.

Yes, as Tiralya says.

Here is the updated version:

2400( 2500 for HE ) ETC format.

Lady Laetitia: Archmage Lore of Life. General. ( Silverwand, Sword of Shrieiking, Loremaster Cloak, Crown of Command )
Noble BSB ( GW, LongBow, Caledor Armor, Seed of Rebirth, Amulet of Light )
Noble ( GW, Barded Steed, Dragon Armor, Helm of Fortune, Other Trickster Shard, Talisman of Protection )

28 LSG - FC, Shield - Banner of discipline ( shrinked unit )
25 Spears - FC
11 Archers

20 White Lions - FC, Banner of Sorcery ( droped 1 guy )
9 Silver Helms - FC, Shields
5 Dragon Princes - FC - Gleaming Pennant ( Potion of Fool Hardiness, Charmed Shield ) I droped the amulet.
1 Tiranoc Chariot

I'm not too happy with it but theses size / points restrictions per unit, it's a pain. I feel the LSG is melting down a bit too much for my taste. At least it is still the ''main battle unit'' to stay true with the theme but I am at a point it is getting hard and harder to justify it vs an Archer Horde. Will be interesting to see.

On the bright side, I gained a 25 spear unit in the deal, which I hope will see use to support the Helms and other hammers with much needed ranks.

It's a bit ironic that after the spears vs archers debate, I'm ending up with actually a well balanced mix of the core units :shock:

Author:  Findolfin [ Thu Feb 16, 2012 12:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2400 ETC Sea Guard core for roadtest in 2v2.

The Evolution:

My first game ever was at a friendly tournament of 10 vs 10, 50k vs 50k points. A battle of truly epic proportions properly named the "Titan Clash". It was one of the best experience I had for a long time, and a really hellish start for a beginner who just had bought a new HE army of mainly basic core units, sporting none of our best elite troops except for about 20 white lions.

I did however had a strong Lothern Sea guard and maiden guards, all 5th edition metal which made a great core horde unit that saw me trough the day, and is really why I started with the LSG theme. I recently got another 20 models batch which helped me alot during my adventure at 3k points.

The list has been using also a single Silver Helms bus inspired by Seredain Cavalry since day 1 ( big thanks to him ) and has been evolving heavily in that cavalry direction in my game 9 to also incorporate his use of a Dragon Prince unit and a chariot from his 2nd list(I'm guessing I happen to have the very same 5th edition battallion he got :lol: ).

Game 9 is is really the begining for me since it marks the leap from 3000pts to the 2500pts list that is the standard template. While the 2nd list in that latest game ( game 9 ) did worked, I will be already moving away from it as I want first of all my own unique army style and, while I plan to keep the LSG, I feel the LSG core is not enough to give it that "unique'' status.


Author:  Findolfin [ Thu Feb 16, 2012 8:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Lothern Sea Guard - Army Blog

About the army

My fighting style is rather fast and brutal, and I feel only cavalry can accomplish it for me backed by Life Lore. I do not plan for 2nd round of CC battles, so getting the charge and breaking the ennemy right now and then, is vital.

The LSG main role is to force the ennemy trough "itchy feet'' to advance into engaging it or getting shot, and also protecting the archmage.

About the lack of redirectors, my play style forbids me from using the big chickens. I hate the concept. I don't like to sacrifice units either. Redirecting is a concept I understand fully but choose not to do. I don't see fluff wise the high elves intentionnally devote sodiers to be used as a ''roadblock''. Maybe under desesperate circumstances but I'd like to think I don't enter a battle in such a spirit...

The Problems:

1- The first problem I faced was getting my ranked infantry units in combat as fast as my cavalry, to achieve the needed CR trough combined arms. While the LSG shooting most often did provoked an ennemy advance to make this easier, i felt it could be improved.

2- 2nd problem, getting bogged down in combat more than 1 round. That's the bane of cavalry and I worked around this with Life Lore by limiting the casualties in such events. Still, stubborn or unbreakable ennemies would still be a big problem. I need a way to deliver more punch to wipe out such units.

3- Transition from 3000pts to High elves ETC 2012 format was tough. I don't really like team play and while I will stay at 2500, I am thinking to move more toward more normal rules for the army.

Author:  Giladis [ Fri Feb 17, 2012 8:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Lothern Sea Guard - Army Blog

Good to see another LSG player. Good luck with it.

Author:  ~Milliardo~ [ Fri Feb 17, 2012 12:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Lothern Sea Guard - Army Blog

Giladis wrote:
Good to see another LSG player. Good luck with it.
I second that - I'm interested in seeing more of your battles.

Author:  Elessehta of Yvresse [ Fri Feb 17, 2012 1:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Lothern Sea Guard - Army Blog

I <3 Sea Guard, I just do get to play battles enough =(

Author:  Findolfin [ Fri Mar 23, 2012 10:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Findolfin's Army Blog.

Well, I did a bit of cleanup as I am transfering my blog with the rest of the people's army blogs,
I had time to finish my new army draft. So here it is at 2500pts:

Riders of Ulthuan: ''We ride until the sun sets..."

Prince Malrik, General: GW, Barded Steed, Heavy Armor, Vambraces, Helm of Discord, Other Trickster Shard.
Sir Lorik, BSB: GW, Barded Steed, Dragon Armor, Helm of Fortune, Mask of Eee.
Lady Laetitia, Archmage Lore of Life: ( Silverwand, Sword of Shrieiking, Amulet of light, Talisman of Preservation )

24 LSG - FC, Shield - Banner of eternal flame
29 Spears - FC

7 Silver Helms, shields, musician
7 Silver Helms, shields, musician
5 Elyrian Reavers, Bow, Musician, Champion
14 Elyrian Reavers, FC, spears and bow.
1 Tiranoc Chariot


What changed:

- Core was slightly reorganised, spears have been buffed ( not enough to my liking ), since they are more likely to go in the first wave. LSG was droped to minimum of 24 plus archmage, since even if they lose many, they still can act as archers. Both unit retain full command, both for CR and ability of champion to gain time against ennemy characters if it comes to it. Something new is the Banner of Eternal Flame on LSG which will be combined with amulet of light from Archmage.

- Second RBT is back. After trying out with only one, I felt compromise was not a good solution in that department. It was all or nothing. I think that combined with the 45 shots or so from LSG, Reavers and chariot, that they will really enforce the "itchy feets" reaction I am looking for from my ennemy and force him to move forward so I can make full use of the extreme mobility of my forces. I am also foreseeing they will be key to clear ennemy chaffs.

- Prince is back. While the archmage and banner did get me a 10LD bubble, I was finding myself strugling to keep my army within 12'' of the LSG. His return now provide a LD bubble in the tick of battle. His current build is mostly made to be a very annoying one, forcing LD tests on ennemy characters and ward rerolls, while being very resilient with vambraces. After succesfully experimenting a single noble silver helm bus, he now offers me the possibility of fielding a second bus.

- The heavy cavalry was reorganised in two silver helm bus as per above reasons. Both units slashed champions so that LoS is still acceptable. Normal standards were also slashed since both units can generate their own resolution and will use combined arms with either the infantry or the ellyrian special force. Theses support units are also intend on providing the standards and champions challenges for the silver helms bus, if the characters ever need it.

- The White Lions are gone. Fluff wise, I wanted as close to an all cavalry army as I could get. Game wise, while they are truly good, I never really felt I needed stubborn that much except when litteraly using a stubborn hat LSG star and 2 hordes of WL. So this new list tries to break away from stubborn units and crown of command, in hope that if it proves tactically wrong, that it will at least be seen as a good sportsmanship. Tactically wise, I also always felt they were made of glass and while they are a very good hammer, I already had all the hammers I needed.

- Dragon Princes are gone. I never really had a clear view on the role of theses guys to be honest, and while they are good, I could not find them a good role in my army. Not having them in my list is another break from cavalry tradition and had it's own charm.

- Chariot is still there. I feel it's shooting synergise well with the army. It is also a good insurance should I was unable to make a combined arms charge between the infantry and silver helms. Theses guys can plug the hole by assisting either of them. It is also a great unit to pursue and pull out fanatics, etc, without risking your most valuable units.

- Reavers. I kept it for last since there is alot to it, and I know the first reaction is probably why not 2 units of 10, or 4 of 5, or why any reavers at all. If you ask, I will say there is indeed a voice telling me that theses guys needs love but also I honestly think they are way ignored in some aspects.

First and foremost, due to my irrational hate of eagles, I lacked redirectors and machine hunters. Now that theses common known roles are mentionned for the unit of 5 reavers, why the unit of 14?

Besides the fact I was biased toward cavalry, I've read probably all the 3-5 threads on the use of Ellyrian Reavers but I do not remember ever seeing a proposition to use them to provide rank disruption. In 8th edition, fast cavalry DO get ranks and can disrupt ranks if at least 2x5. The 4 extra bodies, hopefully combined with life lore, are there to try to ensure there will still be 10 of them left. The champion and standard are there to give them every chances, and given the ease of getting flank charges with theses guys, give them also the very possibility to break some ennemy units on their own. Should their number get dwindled down by ennemy shooting, they still will be able to do their traditional role without becoming totally innefective.

Now, the idea is not only to use them to disrupt ennemy ranks, but also add CR via the standard, flank charge, extra rank and a champion in a combined arms with one of the silver helms units. I also remembered how hard sometimes it was to coordinate the spears/Lsg charges with the silver helms while theses guys could do it easily. Not only that, charging from flank, they can potentially overrun and assist a second unit in a different battle.

For exemple, the 2 units of silver helms charging a unit each frontally assisted by theses guys in the flank could potentially break both ennemy units, provided they aren't stubborn, steadfast and unbreakable. I know these situation happens often but I'm expecting my shooting to soften them enough first and my characters GWs to do their work should my cavalry get stuck and need to draw swords.


Overall, there is some things I am not really set upon, mainly the characters setups. I wanted them to be annoying for my opponent, hence the terror mask, helm of discord, sword of shrieking and other trickster shard. While there is certainly better power builds out there, there is something about keeping your opponent on it's toe from the unexpected. Being forced to roll for a fear or terror test, even with a high LD, is annoyingly stressful.

Besides that, some minor things, like I could probably make up 3 points for dragon armor on Prince but my brain was melting trying to slash commands here and there while still keeping a synergy ( thanks for all that answered my thread on command groups and CR btw, helped me alot in making decisions ). I also toyed with the idea of High Magic to increase shooting even more but I am not quite ready to leave the safety of life magic. 2 lvl 2s mages as a compromise did not quite pan out either.

So that was alot of "babling" but I hope it was interesting. I welcome any constructive feedback as always and will provide a full battle report once I play it out tomorrow, which will be probably be more easy on the eyes :)

Author:  Findolfin [ Sun Apr 01, 2012 1:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Findolfin's Army Blog.

place holder

Author:  Findolfin [ Sun Apr 01, 2012 1:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Findolfin's Army Blog.

place holder

Author:  Elessehta of Yvresse [ Sun Apr 01, 2012 1:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Findolfin's Army Blog.

Any battle reports yet Findolfin? I'm a huge fan of cavalry, and keen to see how your MSU approach goes, I say MSU and then see the block of Reavers =P I <3 Reavers!

Author:  Findolfin [ Sun Apr 01, 2012 5:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Findolfin's Army Blog.

yes, I'm working on one but I'll be probably forced to do this later at night. If you love reavers, I think you will be served with this one against the empire. To give you a little before taste:

"Cannon to right of them,
Cannon to left of them,
Cannon in front of them
Volley'd & thunder'd;
Storm'd at with shot and shell,
Boldly they rode and well,
Into the jaws of Death,
Into the mouth of Hell
Rode the Ulthuan Reavers... "

Author:  The Silly Dragon [ Sun Apr 01, 2012 7:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Findolfin's Army Blog.

Findolfin wrote:
yes, I'm working on one but I'll be probably forced to do this later at night. If you love reavers, I think you will be served with this one against the empire. To give you a little before taste:

"Cannon to right of them,
Cannon to left of them,
Cannon in front of them
Volley'd & thunder'd;
Storm'd at with shot and shell,
Boldly they rode and well,
Into the jaws of Death,
Into the mouth of Hell
Rode the Ulthuan Reavers...
Into a hail of lead "

Sorry couldn't resist!

Author:  Findolfin [ Mon Apr 02, 2012 8:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Findolfin's Army Blog.

Alright, after kicking out the wives, we finally got our battle going. The battlefield was however a very dangerous place for both armies since young childrens were running all around it. But eh, as it happened it was easier to manage kids without womens around :P

So my ennemy as I mentionned was the Empire, with a kyslevite theme. Unfortunately, I forgot both my throwers and LSG at home as I started painting, so archers and extra empire warmachines ended doing some proxy, my excuses for that. Also, I still don't use Bchronicler very well, refer to pictures in doubt.

He had approximatively:
lvl4 Life
lvl2 Light
lvl2 Light
BsB with a magic banner
Templar Grand Master sword of Bloodshed, O trickster shard, dawnstone
25 free company
25 free company
30 halberds
6 pistoliers
9 inner circle knights
40 Greatswords
2 Great cannons
1 Mortar

I don't know the empire too well but I knew the greatswords, knights and warmachines were the bad news. Not too sure if so many casters was really optimal but it felt overall character heavy.

"The elven host was now pretty far into the Kyslevite province. Last they had heard, an imperial archeologist had preceded them into the area with an imperial battallion. Upon their arrival in the small desolated village, the information was true as they were greeted by a mortar warning shot"

Who are you? Said a look out.
We are escorting Lady Letitia of Averlorn into recovering the horn of Isha.
That horn belongs to the empire. You will not steal from us. Begone!
Sir, we will not leave without it.

After some laughter from the imperials, the Grand templar said: This is an holly relic of Sigmar, it stays here! End of story. If you aren't gone soon, we will fire the canons...

So here is the deployment:

We already had the terrain set up except for hills, so we rolled for who got to chose his side of the battlefield and the losing player would get 2 hills to place. I got 2 hills.

I think my deployment was not optimal but my opponent deployment seemed even worst. I kept him guessing on which hill I would deploy the RBTs until very late and placed only my fast cavalry, spears, chariots then the LSG, and the heavy cavalry units. In the end , he deployed his greatswords completely on the wrong side of the battle. He did not knew yet who would go first and the big unit of reavers dead center really really anoyed him as he knew the house would not impede their move in the least.

Empire goes frst. He is somewhat releived, his machines will get to fire for sure and will be able to react to my vanguards move. The small unit of reavers elect to vanguard behind his fast pistoliers and threaten ennemy flank rather than being shot to pieices.


The captain of the Reavers winks at the lady Letitia provoking the ire of sir Lorik but before anything is said, he signal the charge of the light elven cavalry, and boldly they rode with their prized banner flying in the wind.

The Empire agressively move in the west flank, trying to make the distance. The imperial light infantry is however more cautious but does try it's best to impede the light cavalry, blocking an early charge possibility at their war machines.

Magic is uneventful, except for a single net of amyntok cast by the lady wizard hidden within the halberdiers. A poor dispelling roll see it get trough on Lord Malrik heavy cavalry on the eastern flank.

Shooting starts with the pistoliers at long range on Lord Malrik cavalry but most shots fails to hit and none to wound. Then the dreaded thundering of the empire canons is heard.

"As their horse ran across the field, lady Letitia could not help but blush at the impetuous young artist. She still had that magnificient portrait he had given her at her birthday. Then all hell broke as the canon balls suddenly smashed trough the ellyrian riders ranks.

Feanir had barely cleared around the old manor ruins that the massive lead ball took out 2 riders on his right, and another 2 on his left. Before he could react, one of his companion shouted as he was push out the way, mortar shrapnel exploding all around them. As smoke cleared, horses and elves layed dead together on the bloodied green field. But the surviving reavers did not flinch and rode they did into the jaws of death."

Ellyrian reavers took horrendous casualties but they don't flinch, whatever plans I had for them as far as flank charges or rank disruptions would have to wait next game. Their goal was thoses imperial canons.


High elves turn 1


Unable to charge, the reavers free reform their way past the ennemy lines and within the minimum mortar range and as to have maximum cover from canons grapeshots. Second units of reavers turn around to deal with the pistoliers, positionning themselves right behind them. Sir Lorik cautiously advance along the charioteers since Lord Malrik opted to not risk his own unit trough the magical net. The spears advance to block the ennemy knights way, counting upon receiving magical support.

Lady Letitia starts to weave her potent magic, starting with throne of vines. The ennemy mage use the energy feedback into an attempt to turn her into a frog but she resist. She then attempt dwellers below but then again, a sigil scroll is used, dispelling and causing a violent mind blank making her forget the spell. With all remaining dices, she attempt flesh to stone on the spears but the ennemy scores a double 6 on dispel. This is bad news.

Shooting. The Lsg volleyfire into the free company, killing a good score of them while the aim of the charioteers is true, killing 2 halberdiers. Then the reavers draw their bow at point blank while an RBT scythe down several pistoliers with multiple shot. The left RBT attempt to fire a single bolt trough the knights flank but the bolt fails to get trough the first kill. Even worst news for the spears. As they ride, Captain Feanir manage to take out one of the mortar crew with a precise arrow.

Empire turn 2


Desesperate to get into the fray, Empire Knights charge the spears headlong. Greatswords march again, also trying to get into the fight. On the eastern flank, the kyselvites tries to reform their line but oddly the right free company decide to try to get around the building. This is a mistake, and asking him after the game, he told me he hoped to hold the line long enough for them to get around or to lure my eastern heavy cavalry into chasing them. Anyways, that is what it is.

Magic is uneventful, a new attempt to cast a magical net on the heavy cavalry is made but this time dispelled by Lady Letitia.

Unfortunately, the spears martial prowess was not good that day as they manage to kill only 1 knight despite 19 attack. The champion is killed with 3 wounds in the challenge and 4 more elves are knocked out by the heavy lances. Despite being steadfast, they fail their roll and I realise too that I failed to correctly position my BsB to support them. I of course roll snake eyes as they are run down by the knights.

Seemingly as if they panicked, the mortar misfire and cannot fire this turn. Seeing Captain Faenir on their flank and about to charge their comrades, both canon prepares to fire grapshots trough hard cover.

" Brothers, we are almost there! Ride on! Said Faenir as the thunder sounded again. Charge they did into a hail of lead as five of them were hit, 2 of them mortally wounded. As they finally reached the empire gun position, Faenir shouted: " Riders of Ulthuan! charge!!!!"

High elves turn 2



The Reavers charge the mortar, Sir Lorik and the charioteers declare a combined charge into the halberdiers. The eastern 2nd unit of Reavers ignore the free company and goes back were the action is. So does also Sir Malrik now free from the net, moving to face the ennemy Knights, supported by the LSG who move ahead to protect their flank.

Letitia starts to weave her most potent magic phase of the game with 12 dices, casting three spells on 4 dices. Throne of Vines is cast irristibly protecting the miscast, then shield of thorns on the charioteers which the ennemy amazingly failed to dispel and the flesh to stone on sir Lorik Knights, which also goes trough irristible and miscast again denied by throne. Yes, after 3 games of having poor magic phases, it did felt good. A good score of Halberdiers went down.

Sooting saw some more free company die from LSG fire ( yes fire snce they have eternal flame banner ) and 2nd Reavers bows. One of the RBT completely missed the Knights and the other one took out a few Greatswords.


The Halberdiers, already softened by the charioteers thron shield were completely smashed by 5 impact hits and 3 more kills from horse and crew. Then came Sir Lorik and his silver helms...

"As they dispersed the ennemy halberds, Sir Lorik offered his arm to the wounded wizard lady who was still cowering after he had hit her with his shield.
My lady, my apologies if I hurted you, but this mud field is no place for a lovely rose. Would you kindly ride with me?

Lady Letitia was'nt too happy at the scene as the shaken human girl accepted the noble's offer."

Chariotters end the pursuit, while Lorik' unit restrained and free reformed to face the battered free company. Captain Faenir reavers overrun into imperial canon.

Empire turn 3
We agree because it is getting late and kids growing more and more annoying that it will be last turn. It looks like it will be it anyways.

A desesperate attempt is made on the eastern flank by the free company to charge the heavy cavalry. My opponent hoped to remain steadfast after CC so to hold the unit there. His wizard attempt something similar upon the charioteers.

Knights and greatswords position themselves to charge the reformed elven line. Eastern 2nd free company continue their fool's errand.


Magic starts and end with dwellers below cast irristibly at Sir Malrik's unit. 3 out of 7 helms are sent below, with Lord Malrik disdainfully cutting off whatever arms were trying to drag him underground. However, things were even more burtal for the greatswords as 14 of them died of the results of a cascading explosion. The battle wizard evaded inextremis being pulled into the void, suffering a single wound.


The last canon attempts to snipe Malrik himself but misfire! Reavers overrun into them.

The free company effort does not pay off, as they fail to even inflict a single wound into the toughness 7 helms. Still, despite several heads cutted down by the helms, they do remain steadfast but unfortunately fail their LD roll. That's were I almost paid for having no actual rank. As for the wizard and the charioteers, the wizard was killed. He could have actually won if he had survived, since charge and flank was already ensuring that.


High elves turn 3



At this point, my ennemy does not expect much more from his troops unless I roll very poorly on that above average charge with my BSB heavy cavalry. And so does Sir Lorik make his charge , combined with Lord Malrik own charge. The 2nd Reavers then proceed to a nice long charge to finish the free company agony.

LSG quick reform and are flanked by charioteers to prepare a counter charge should it ever be needed.

Magic does not acomplish anything for Letitia that turn, winds being poor and the ennemy actually having more dispel dices than the helves power dices.

Both RbTs open up on automatic mode, killing another 5 greatswords. LSG and charioteers kills another 4 or so.

The charge is violent, as all but 3 empire knights are knocked out from their saddle but one of the silver helms crash down with his mount. But the empire General will not yield until he tested the mettle of Lord Malrik. Both opponents unmount and draw their swords.

The ennemy's sword of bloodshed starts singing into a whirlwind of attacks but even if Lord Malrik greatsword hits are fewer, they are deadlier. After what seems an eternity, only 1 hit from each oponent goes trough. Lord Malrik's ward deflect the hit at last minute but the seed of rebirth fails to heal the deep wound inflicted by elven steel.

" Please Sir, accept my sword said the old knight.
You can keep your sword sir, all we wanted was the horn of Isha.
So that is what it is called after all. Then so be it, you will have it.
Sir, let us attend to our wounded.

Meanwhile, captain Faenir unmounted his beloved horse and planted the last nail into the remaining canon fire mecanism. Then he turned around as his brothers shouted a long cry of victory echoed in the distance by some fallen comrades they tought dead.

So victory to High elves :)

I will comment in a bit later, but can already say he paid a big price for not deploying his great swords correctly. As for his free company fool's errand, he still defended it even today. Anyways, feel free to comment in the meantime. I sure would like to discuss tactics and all. :D

Author:  Elessehta of Yvresse [ Tue Apr 03, 2012 9:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Findolfin's Army Blog. Updated High Elves vs Empire report

Congratulations, the block of Reavers took some fire, lucky you had so many or they might not have made it through the wall of shot coming at them. Were you running the Silver Helms 4, 3 rather than 5, 2 or just seven wide?

Author:  Findolfin [ Tue Apr 03, 2012 3:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Findolfin's Army Blog. Updated High Elves vs Empire report

Thank you Tiralya :)

I was running 2 units of them 4 x 2 ( 7 + Bsb and 7 + Prince ).

The normal plan is to use either the LSG or spears in combo charge with them to break ennemy steadfast. I was'nt able to actually pull off theses combined arms charge with infantry, but I did manage to charge chariot with 1 unit of helms and later on both helms unit together, counting mainly on shock an awe of the initial charge.

Why I mention it is because this almost came back biting me in this game, since a front rank of 4 is not a full rank. While I was aware of that and confident my units would pull trough, both his halberdiers and free company were still steadfast on 7 LD when they broke. So while his moves with halberdiers and free company seemed bad at first glance, they could have actually tar pitted my units for an additional turn. Having a single rank in my helms unit would have resulted in him rolling both times on insane courage...

A thing that was a bit funky in the game is that all 3 steadfast rolls were failed ( My spears, his halberds and free company ) while all terror charge and fear test from the mask and all helm of discord test were passed by his units. ( All these rolls did had a psychological impact on the player himself however :P )

So, concluding, I need to make a choice here to accept that risk of not having a single rank with my Helms if I still can't pull off charges with core infantry to break steadfast, or find a way to add 2 more helms in both units to run them 5x2 to give me more flexibility. Another solution would be havinga front rank of 5 and second rank of 3, but it does not look good visually ( call it laziness but a big reason I run 4x2 is that it fit perfectly in a 5x5 infantry tray. Yea yea, not wise tactically )

For the big unit of reavers, theses guys are simply awesome. Heavy cavalry would not have done better against theses guns and they did more than I hoped for drawing all his warmachines fire. Even depleted, reavers still can function in their more traditional roles like the 2nd unit did. Theses guys were so much fun to play with tactically, they were everywhere, the whole formation able to slip trough a small gap, helping throw off my opponent deployment, threatening his rear and flanks, list goes on. I am almost tempted to find a way for more of them but I should experience first what will happens against an ennemy with archers before I buy more models. :P

Author:  Elessehta of Yvresse [ Wed Apr 04, 2012 9:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Findolfin's Army Blog. Updated High Elves vs Empire report

You do have two blocks of Silver Helms that could be replaced with Reavers with spears... just saying ^_^

Author:  Findolfin [ Thu Apr 05, 2012 2:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Findolfin's Army Blog. Updated High Elves vs Empire report

hehe, if I was to do that, I would field them with bows since I would need to soften ennemy blocks
before charging them. I would probably need to also use a more shooty core. While the idea is really fun,
the main problem is that I am trying to keep my shooting models at 45 or so, since that is somewhat
the limit allowed in many tournaments.

If I weas to do it, it would probably look like this:
High and Shadow for arrow attraction coupled with withering.
Archers or LSG core
14 reavers FC spears&bow
14 reavers Fc spears&bow
14 reavers mu spears&bow
14 reavers mu spears&bow
A couple of RBTs

Anyways, I am preparing for next game, while the heavy cavalry is staying for now, I will be likely
slightly increasing the cavalry numbers for both heavy and light units :) Will post later when game is scheduled.

Btw, when I saw those pistoliers, I was litterally wishing I had such troops. Double shots at 4 streght
and armor piercing... I would trade our bow anytime for that. That or Dark riders.

Author:  ~Milliardo~ [ Mon Apr 09, 2012 7:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Findolfin's Army Blog. Updated High Elves vs Empire report

Very interesting use of Reavers mate! Interesting stuff. :3


Author:  Elithmar [ Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Findolfin's Army Blog. Updated High Elves vs Empire report

Wow, a very unique army. Well done on the victory. Those reavers would never have reached the artillery if there were only say five though. Must have been taking a load of panic tests. They drew the fire away from the buses too, I'm very impressed. And not just with the battle, but with the Lord Tennyson quote too! ;)

Author:  Findolfin [ Mon Apr 09, 2012 9:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Findolfin's Army Blog. Updated High Elves vs Empire report

~Milliardo~ wrote:
Very interesting use of Reavers mate! Interesting stuff. :3


Thank you :) Hopefully I get to use their rank disruption ability next game.

Elithmar of Lothern wrote:
Wow, a very unique army. Well done on the victory. Those reavers would never have reached the artillery if there were only say five though. Must have been taking a load of panic tests. They drew the fire away from the buses too, I'm very impressed. And not just with the battle, but with the Lord Tennyson quote too! ;)

Hehe, it sure felt like the charge of the light brigade :P For panic tests, they only took 2 of them early on and both within the BsB range ( I did plan the deployment and vanguard accordingly :) ). The 2 other casualties on Turn 2 were luckily splitted at 1 lost reaver per grapehshot, which did not entitled more panic tests.

Thanks much for the comments, really are appreciated!

Quick list update:

Upcoming game is this weekend, so I made a little tweak to the list. As I mentionned, I wanted to bolster the strenght of both heavy cavalry to 10 models. Sacrifice had to be made so I dropped the Prince. I could have dropped RBTs or Chariot, but he was the biggest points and I saw an opportunity to further break away from
the "Cavalry Prince" thing.

Archmage lvl 4 Silver Wand, foloriath robes, shriek sword, dragon bane gem
BsB GW, barded steed , dragon armor, helm of fortune, talisman of protection, amulet of light

24 LSG , banner of discipline, FC
28 Spears, FC

9 silver helms, mu.
10 Dragon Princes, FC, Banner of Sorcery, Terror Mask.
14 Reavers, FC, spears and bow.
5 Reavers, mu and bow.
1 Tiranoc Chariot

2 RBTs

The major change is the upgrade of both heavy cav to 10 models and of one unit to Dragon Princes, making it possible to get the banner of sorcery to improve my pitiful magic. I had to lose banner of eternal flame to get banner of discipline, making Archmage LD 10 for the army and 9 for her own unit.

Another thing, I really wanted the robes for my Archmage since she was going to be general, so I had to fit the mandatory amulet of light on BsB, giving his bodyguards Helms also magical attacks and for himself, an added ward 6+ ( not the best, but an increase still).

Also wanted to keep the fear/terror gimmicks as I simply like to see my opponent sweat a little. For this, I pushed the mask on the drakemaster which now enable the helms to use the LD 9 from BsB ( who used to have it ). Had a 5 points remaining for a gem 2+ vs fire on archmage.

Some will say 10 dragon princes is not optimal, and I am well informed I am losing 5 attacks from back row. However, I am more interested here in the unit resiliency since it does hold my most important banner and doubles as an hammer. I also upgraded the numbers of models in my heavy cavalry to 10 for another reason, and it is to break steadfast more easily. 2 units of 5 are not likely to keep at least a single rank. In any case, It is still way more attacks than I had in the previous list :P

Author:  Elessehta of Yvresse [ Tue Apr 10, 2012 7:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Findolfin's Army Blog. Updated High Elves vs Empire report

Findolfin wrote:
Some will say 10 dragon princes is not optimal

Some will say that thirty-eight cavalry models is not optimal ^_^

Author:  Elithmar [ Tue Apr 10, 2012 9:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Findolfin's Army Blog. Updated High Elves vs Empire report

Hey, cav is great, and I think a list like this has a lot of potential. The heavy cav have an awesome armour save, and are going to last a lot longer than our paper armour infantry. Keep goingm I'm looking forward to the next Charge of the Light Brigade. ;)

Author:  Findolfin [ Sun Apr 15, 2012 8:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Findolfin's Army Blog. Updated High Elves vs Empire report


Game got reported for next week, was sunny this weekend and I did some spring cleaning around the house. Hopefully I'll manage to get a greener grass than last summer :P Also managed to squeeze in some more painting, so not all is lost.

I also had time to rethink what I want out of my magic, since I don't really remember it having been as important as I seem to read around. It never was game changing for me. So do I really need an Archmage and invest in getting more power dices?

Sadly, I find that having my archmage in one of my rank and file unit really limited my eagerness to thrown the unit into the fray. I strongly believe in the LSG use but the fact now is that I am point wise very constricted. The first thing I want from my core is rank and files, and I also feel that while robes worked for archmage in the units, I now need a small bunker for my mage. Unfortunately, this means a more classic set up, no fear gimmicks or shooting on reavers.

So, while I will keep previous draft with magic focus, here is a more refined list that specialize each unit :

Noble BsB : helm of fortune, trickster shard, 6+ ward, GW, barded steed , dragon armor
Noble General : Dawnstone, dragon helm, amulet of light, GW, barded steed, heavy armor
High Mage lvl2 : Reaver bow, Silver wand

25 spears FC, eternal flame banner
25 spears FC
10 armored archers Musician ( might use my 10 maidens as LSG no shield instead just for fluff )

9 Silver Helms , Musician
9 Dragon Princes, Musician, Standard Bearer, Banner of Discipline ( gives general LD 10 )
14 Reavers, Spears, Musician, Standard Bearer
14 Reavers, Spears, Musician
1 Tiranoc Chariot

High Magic: While I prefer Life, High magic is more suited for a lvl 2 mage with the low casting values. With drain magic, I should be able to put some hurt in the enemy phase. I considered annuli crystal, but with loss of shooting power I felt the bow would give more bang for the money.

Shooting: I lose a good 35 shots but I gain 10 dedicated shots and 3 more at strenght 5. I come a bit down overall but I think it should still be enough to provide what I need to clear out ennemy chaffs. I still got those 2 RBTs and chariot bows.

Units: The unit set up is near enough from what I wanted initially. I've made 2 diagrams that are very basic to illustrate why I want these units of reavers ( labelled DP ).

An exemple of a classical deployment with the list, both LSG/Spears blocks in the center backed by RBTs, chariot in the center to support them. Cavalry on both wings with reavers on far sides. ( The archers and mage would be wih RBTs.

The main idea is that the army center advance while firing to provoke the ennemy advance. This is less true now with spears but I think both bolters, reaver bow and couple of bow shots will still provoke a reaction. The red and yellow arrows represented what I was at first aiming for in terms of shooting.


The heavy cavalry here advance at an angle more to show that it have some options:
- Frontal charge supported by rank and files spears
- Flank charge supported by rank and file spears
Above options are nothing new for many players but the reavers unit, while still able to perform their normal duties now give an important option:
- Deep frontal charge of the heavy cavalry supported by a flank charge from the reavers able to disrupt ranks and provide some ranks of their own. An early long charge suddenly becomes more viable.

It looks a bit like an echelon army, and of course you can deploy differently. It provides a bigger threat projection and incredible mobility with a good infantry base still able to deliver punch combined with chariot ( who also can support cavalry ). While I did not test it yet, I did test several part of the theory in my last game so we will see next game. In all cases, let me know what you think, at least Tiralya should be happy to see 28 reavers :P

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