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 Post subject: Online Trading Rules
PostPosted: Sat Sep 01, 2012 2:56 am 
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Ulthuan Trading Rules and Guidelines

While Ulthuan.net provides this forum as a service to people, we take no responsibility for any trade or purchase that you might make here. We have a friendly and relaxed atmosphere here and we plan to keep it that way.

Please note: All the normal forum rules also apply within Sales and Trade threads.
All prospective buyers, sellers and traders are expected to conduct themselves in a professional, polite, friendly and honest manner. This also includes acting like you own the thread, or bossing other members around (ie; Telling them what is going to happen with the deal, or otherwise abruptly forcing them to do the deal your way.)
If you post within a Sale/Trade thread without obeying these rules (or disregarding them) your post/thread may be deleted without notice. Repeat offenders may find themselves with a warning, suspension or ban from selling/trading, and possibly site.

Selling and Trading Items

Only post threads about wargaming items, and items related to wargaming in general- such as painting & modelling equipment or supplies, army books, rule books, roleplaying books, Black Library or similar novels, Warhammer TCG items, Warhammer Online merchandise and of course tabletop and wargames Miniatures. Please don’t even try to advertise other items here. That also includes offering to trade non-wargaming items for wargaming items (ie; “I have a Rolls Royce to trade for a High Elves army, although I’m sure the trader would except your offer, try not to offer or sell items not of a wargamey nature). If you’re in doubt whether an item is suitable or not, check with a Herald or Loremaster first.

WTB - Want To Buy
WTS - Want To Sell
WTT - Want To Trade
H – Have
W – Want
S – Sell
T – Trade
FS – For Sale
FT – For Trade

Note: Please bear in mind that Ulthuan.net is a High Elves based forum and any “H – Ogres/Space Marines/etc” threads might not get the attention you are looking for and would (should) probably be better off on another site, perhaps a forum site dedicated to your army that you are trying to sell.


0. The ‘normal’ forum or online trading rules or rather system, works as follows:
The member with the longest or greatest post count, online presence, active membership and/or Rank, should be treated as the ‘more’ trusting and/or honest member. This works to limit any fraudulent traders.
So en effect, the lesser/newer member will post the specified items to the more/higher regarded member first (at their own cost), and once the items have been received, the higher member will send the specified trade items to the lesser (also at their own cost). New members will always follow this.
Members can of course come to a collective agreement, such as sending the items simultaneously, or paying for “their own” models/items postage, or both.
Similarly, postage should be discussed prior to shipment and should be understood by both parties. As a general rule of figurative thumb, all shipments should be regarded as being sent (or going to be sent) via Standard Airmail, so if no specifics are discussed, all items are assumed to be sent by this method. If you wish to send the items via EHPSSAM (Epic High Priority Super Sonic AirMail), then feel free to, but do not expect the other trader to spend the same amount on shipping.

Please keep in mind that you are dealing online with an unknown person. It is always advisable to ask around if people have experience with the buyer/seller or know him personally. Information like post count or how active someone is can be clues about the chance of someone completing a deal. You can also look to see if someone has previous experience dealing with the person in question. There will also be a stickied thread of previous traders that you can check for successful deals.

Make sure both of you know what you are buying/selling (amount of models, including bases etc), the state of the models in question (painted or not, assembled, ...) what shipping costs and how the items are shipped. Agree on this before closing the deal.

1. Indeed, try to keep as much trade talk within the thread itself and try to work out only the final details such as addresses, costs, etc via PM. This will help keep everyone civil to each other aswell as keep everyone else informed of what is happening with each item up for sale/trade, and further cements trust of sales and trades when it is publicly known.

Please don’t just post “PM sent”, as it gives other potential buyers no idea as to what you are interested in, especially when there's multiple items for sale. Please add something along the lines of: "PM sent re: Item/s blah blah".

2. Stealing someone's sale is extremely bad form. Don't try to sell an item in someone else's Sale thread. You wouldn't like it if someone did it to you, so don't do it. Similarly it is also applicable for the customers; don't steal what someone else is trying to buy.

3. Please Don’t advertise off-site auctions (such as from eBay) in any form, unless you intend to share a link to our online community or directly at/for someone you know is looking for the item/s in question. You may post a link to your own auctions on eBay, but please don’t clutter the forum with pointless links to random items, such threads will be treated as Spam.

4. Don’t advertise business products directly, it is fine to show your great work/s in the Painting and Modelling forum, along with links to your site and/or store, but do not use the Lothern Trading Port as a place of business.

5. Do not to discuss the recasting of models and miniatures, as it is illegal to do so. In the same (obvious) way it is not permitted to sell illegal re-cast models or miniatures.


If you believe you are being pressured or propositioned by another member into a situation that breaks these rules, please notify a Loremaster (or Herald).

Resolving trade problems

If, for whatever reason you feel that a trade/sale is going or has gone wrong, keep it private. Use the Ulthuan.net personal messenger (PM) and/or email (if you have the members email) to try contacting the person to sort things out. If you can't get hold of the person, and you feel you have to resort to a post in the members sale/trade thread, keep it simple. Something like “XXXX - please contact me”. Under no circumstances should you post anything accusatory like “XXXX YOU ^%#$ MONKEY - WHERE IS MY STUFF YOU @#$%!ING #@*^% OF A BANDERSNATCH !!!”.

If you have no luck getting hold of a person and a deal has gone wrong, you can contact the Lores/Heralds. They can see if they can help you in some way. However, keep in mind that the Lores/Heralds probably have no personal information about the members of the forum other than an email address.

Breaking the rules

Should anyone break these rules then the Loremasters (and Heralds) may act at their own accord to remedy the situation. Claims of not having read these rules are not an excuse.



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