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PostPosted: Fri Apr 03, 2015 4:44 pm 
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Hi all,
Soon I will be having a game vs ogre kings. Usually I'd bring my standard list, but after seeing him curb stomp a dwarf friend of mine, it got me concerned. So I'm looking for a 1000 point list and tactical ideas to use (Namely against those insane leadblechers!, guy was annihilating entire units! oh and stomp!)

His general list

6 leadblechers

8 ogres?

1 stonhorn (or maybe it was the thundertusk?)
Also has the ironblaster model so only points for 1 of these

1 bsb

What would you bring?

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 04, 2015 7:54 am 

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Well, how about something like

Lvl 3 shadow, tal. Of pres, power stone (50% lords you could tool this to max e.g. boh+top by reducing one rbt or keep the rbt and change the stone to scroll)
2x5 helms, shields, champ
20 white lions, mus, sb, gleaming pennant

Shoot, magic, redirect/flank/combo attack with helms, clean-up with lions.

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 04, 2015 8:50 am 
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It seems that he doesn't have legal general in the list or did you just forgot to include it. BSB cannot be general.

Against leadbelchers, frosthearth phoenix can work, shadows miasma for BS reduction is solid choice.

Couple units of silverhelms/dragon princes can be fast enough to tackle the unit. Remember that lead belchers are regular ogres in CC that simple cost tons more.

Small unit of reavers / shadow warriors can be sacrificed to gain hard cover screen for your more precious targets. 70 - 80 point investment could be worth it to take them right in front of the belchers in gonga line. Sadly 1000 points that is rather costly, I would have no problem doing this in 2000+ game ;)

RBTs 6 shots can do enough wounds to them, bigger version of soul quench.

Pheonix guard supported by fury ring will have enough saves to survive if they would engage enemy as swiftly as possible. White Lions would have 5+ armor and with str 6 they can do much damage to ogres, allthough in so small game it might not be ideal.

I would consider Loremaster with Book of Hoeth + ToP for small games. He would have two spells really good against leadbelchers (iceshard blizzard + miasma) regeneration 5+ helps the infantry unit he joins etc.

Hope you make battle report for us to read and comment on. Battle reports are much better way to learn and giving certain tips much more easier, as sometimes more experienced player might say that ok, you should have deployed/ moved / casted etc. differently to make bigger impact on the game.

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