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 Post subject: 2800 Uncomp Tournament
PostPosted: Fri Mar 27, 2015 10:29 am 

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So there's an uncomp 2800 tournament coming up in May using the new units and some rules from the End Times

The Lore of Undeath - can be used
Summon Infernal Legion - can be used
Grand Legion of the Everhosen - can be used
Battlescrolls present in Thanquol - can be used (ignore Archoan rules)
Army of the End Times rules from Archaon - no
Khaine magic - no
Chaos Ascendant Rules - no

Scenarios that will be played

1 - Custom Scenario - nothing special just that deployment is slightly different
2 - Meeting Engagement
3 - Battle Line
4 - Battle for Pass - Player with 2 or less war machine gets to deploy 2 fences/wall.
5 - Battle Line

VP will be allocated per BRB rules

So I was thinking about bringing a fast attacking army similar to what Curu brought before.

Dreadlord on Dark Steed: General, Giant Blade, Dawnstone, The Other Trickster's Shard, Heavy Armour, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield
Imrik on Minaithnir
Spellweaver on Elven Steed: Level 4, High, Dispel Scroll, Crown of Command
Noble on Barded Elven Steed: BSB, Banner of the World Dragon, Lance, Dragon Armour, Shield

14 Silver Helms: FCG, Shields
4x 5 Dark Riders: Shields, Repeater Crossbows

2x 1 Frostheart Phoenix
2x 1 Great Eagle.

Rationale for my army.
I previously played the Teclis Light Council build which was fun and cheesy as fits well for the comp but it's rather static.
So this list is fast and hitty
Got Banner of Win with Helms making it have 2+/2++ (against magical) and ward counters from WE High Lore Attribute.
With the Banner of Win, Imrik will be stubborn on Ld 10
Imrik in turn gives stubborn to my frosties
Frosties' aura stack - winnnnnnah! (I asked the TO and have confirmed this)
I get Marital Prowess and Murderous Prowess
With game 4 I get 2 additional fence when I deploy.

In most games I should be in combat by turn 2. I'm tossing up between High and Life as Life would be good for the Elf meta that will definitely be there like dewellers and Flesh to stone would also be good for Imrik as even unboosted F2S would make him T9 which is 3s to wound him by cannon or T10 for boosted. The lore attribute would definitely help him as well. But that's really only 2 spells in need in the lore.

I like High for Arcane Unforging (last year 30% of field was HE whom has Banner of the World Dragon). Fiery Convoc to deal with infantry blocks (but Dewellers usually do it better). Apothesis will definitely be a must for D3W heal. WBW would also be excellent for the added mobility.

Imrik would be boss WS8, 10 ASF S7 (or S10 on the charge) attacks with S7 Thunderstomp would chomp most people up and the Dreadlord is there to helm the Helm "bus".

Anyway would definitely like to have some feedback so please let me know your experience with End Times (because I have ZERO experience).
This is the Flithiest of Flith Tournament of the year. You are expected to be flithy and I intend to do so :D

ETC WHFB Team Singapore
2014 - Chaos Dwarfs & Most Favoured Enemy
2015 - High Elves & Top HE

Highborn Elves - Army Book Committee
Balancing Board
Highborn Elves - ex-Army Support

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