20 Shadow Warriors whahhhhat??
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Author:  HoS [ Sun Mar 08, 2015 7:30 pm ]
Post subject:  20 Shadow Warriors whahhhhat??

Ok so I decided to theme this list around being forward Vanguard for my main army ( I have an obsessive amount of High Elves and play mega battles sometimes). Focusing on non traditional themes as well as some of the more skill based portions of the power-game meta I think it can be fun and a challenge to tournament lists, even if I don't have the reliable power to beat them often. More for casual games against friends who are good but like to play with all their collections, not just the power meta.

Without Further ado, the Vanguard of Eagle Gate.
Finial, Master of Horse-287
Blade of Leaping Sea Gold
Dragon Armor
Barded Steed
Enchanted Shield

Shadow Master Taerlion- 347
Level 4 Shadow Archmage.
Book of Hoeth
Talisman of Protection
Barded Steed

Guise Warden Maefanrion-197
Level 2 Shadow Mage
Khaine's Ring of Fury
Dispel Scroll
Barded Steed

Aenrys, Disciple of Hoeth-152
Level 2 High Mage
Barded Steed
Ironcurse Icon

Korhedril of Tor Anroc-179
Battle Standard Bearer
Dragon Armor
Barded Steed
Ogre Blade


5 Reaver-105
Champ, Bows

5 Reaver-105
Champ, Bows

13 Silver Helms- 329
Shields, FC

14 Archers- 140


10 Shadow Warriors-175
Champ, Reaver Bow

10 Shadow Warrioers- 160
Champ, Fear sword from BRB

Lion Chariot


2 Repeater Bolt throwers -140


2499 if I did my math write, feel free to correct me, would appreciate a second set of eyes. Anyways we do play 50% lords but no other end times stuff.

Basic strategies involve scouting shadow warriors and vanguarding Reavers to execute refused flanks in diagonal positions across the board. Essentially anchoring around the Silver helms one way or the other, in the middle of the formation/map, and the Reavers and shadow warriors deploying/moving in such a way that I occupy whatever part of the map they ignored.
When facing an army likely to either thoroughly outdeploy me or simply cover the entire board I can deploy the reavers and eagles ahead of shadow warriors or the archers and allow them to be crushed by charging foes that I can't stop. Then cast a pit of shades or other massive unit wipe if they fail to connect or Mindrazor a unit of ws4 ASF elves in 3 ranks or ws5 ASF Elves in 2 ranks with str8 if they do connect to the archers or Shadow Warriors. Most units are going to be hurt by this and chances are I can get a flank charge off with either the bus or a surviving chaff unit.

If all else fails my BSB, Level 4 and Prince are all in the bus, and I will be swapping the Level 4 with the lvl 2 as needed as I run them madly about the battle field. I will have the mages deployed in the Reaver units initially but they can fall back to the archers or main bus, or even get out of line of sight entirely. The Level 2 High Mage is an excellent choice to send to the main bus despite the points over load because he can start pumping a ward save onto it.

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