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PostPosted: Sun Mar 08, 2015 11:52 pm 

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G'day everyone

If anyone is up for a bit of list building, i've got a bit of a strange tournament i'm thinking of entering with some challenges in terms of list building for comp reasons. The tournament is 2800 points, which i have little experience at in general (most of our tournamnets are 2400-2500), with a panel comp giving a score from 1-8. Each point of different in the game between you and your opponent is effectively worth 200 vps, so there is a fairly dramatic effect on the game. Being panel comp, it is always going to be tough to estimate what is considered say a 3 vs a 5 but that 400 vps is a massive difference in the result of a game. From my experiences of taking high elves to a reasonable number of tournaments, there is a very mixed perception of how 'strong' some parts of them are. Also available in this tournament is some of the end-times options, including the two 'lesser' host options so that is totally on the table. Also I beleive we can use lore of undeath, again with some interesting possibilities for chaff generation for elves. Lastly they are using the 50% lords 50% heroes options, so tonnes of possibilities in there.

I'm not sure whether to start with a desired 'comp level' or score and aim at that, or start with some of the end-times elements and see where that takes me. I would like to either take a 5-6 with standard elements of high elves or a 3-4 with end-times elements.

End times:

Option A: Make use of 50% lord cap to be able to combined a tough flying monster with a level 4
Annointed on Frost Phoenix with star lance, ots, golden crown and charmed shield
Level 4 Shadow mage with the book
BSB on horse 2+ rerollable and s5
Level 1 scroll caddy on high magic for 3++ PG
40 Speargirls
15 Archers
2 x 5 reavers
30 PG with Razor
13 Dragon princes with swiftness and ogre blade

Depressing how few models you can get in a 2800 point list, but its got bite and played VERY refused flank it can take points with speed and conserve points when needed too. Shadow would be preferable but for comp reasons i could switch that to High magic perhaps

Thats a started, any feedback would be helpful. I'm gonna try writing a Phoenix King list next which i'll put up later.



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