Heaven Can Wait
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Author:  Facade19 [ Thu May 08, 2014 6:46 am ]
Post subject:  Heaven Can Wait

An old man while walking his dog along a idyllic pathway that paralleled a seashore that stretched as far as the eyes could behold came across a young genteel looking young man. Crouching underneath the erotic scene the old man conjured up in his mind while undressing the young boy, the young man's pose on the bench stationed right alongside a burgeoning tree fascinated the old man. Becoming oblivious to the stern pressure exuded by his dog on the man's leash which he placed on the dog to curtail his upward mobility. the dog named Adam nonetheless tried to liberate himself from the old man's tight grip.

As the dog marshaled all the strength to whither the chain-like collage around its already bruised neck, the old man paused his steps to take a closer and deeper look at this mystifying young man who attentively devoured the book in his hand while calmly reclining in the otherwise uncomfortable park bench. The green of the bench drew the old man's gaze closer to the young man whose childlike eyes full of wonder and love profoundly instilled in the old man a sexual prowess which he had not known for a very very long time. While emphatically concentrating on the young man, the old man nonetheless retained his tight grip on the what appeared the abused dog.

The old man, now completely lost from his path and stranded on his own island, where the sun seemed to shine the brightest and the heat of the moment exerting new found youth in him, Adam tried to free himself from the grips of his masters beneath the dark-grayish congregation of fast-moving and malign clouds. All this time, while Adam and his master were engaged in what appeared an eternal struggle, the young man's attention to the book in his hand did not dwindle once.

So, as the old man kept on staring at the young man while holding the leash that kept Adam at bay, the young boy finally moved his teal colored eyes away from the pages of what smelled to be a freshly printed book. As the young man, whose beautiful milky looking skin that radiated underneath the dark sky shied away for a moment from the pages in his hand, the old man's heart began to ascend faster with each and every blink the young man engaged in.

The old man noticed that a wet, strain of beauty emancipated itself from those soulful eyes of the young man. Now, as the old man became aware of more of such liquid pigments of warmth, the young man clasped the pages of the book shut, put the mover of mountains beside him and released a deep and emotion filled sigh. Such was the sigh that even Adam halted his unsuccessful attempts to fully expose his attention to the strangeness of the young man.

As if to agree with the mood of the moment, the clouds in the heavens decided to commune with the heartfelt conduct of the young man and gave free reign to a similar measure. It started to rain. Slow and soft drops of nature enveloped the three of them as each was focused on something deep and longing. The smell of the moisture colliding with the freshly cut grass and asphalt attenuated the weight of the burden now carried by each of them. The old man, who carried an umbrella with him drew upon it to entertain a calculated action.

"I have to make him mine."

And so, as he wielded his umbrella to cover himself from the annoying drops that he considered to distract and disrupt him from his pleasurable view, Adam also started to take note of his master's intention and therefore, started to bark as if to indicate certain distress.

The young man enjoyed the rain. He relished in it. And so more increasing was his alert when he noticed with his eyes closed when the gentle tears of heaven stopped pouncing on his face and instead a smell of apricot and staunch, overpowering perfume robbed the stillness of the moment from his heart. As he opened his eye and noticed a stark shadow cast upon him, the young man became startled. His icy teal eyes that signaled liberty and hope only a minute ago now became overwhelmed with intense dread.

"Please, do not be alarmed. I've noticed you sitting by yourself and reading what must be a lovely book. I just wanted to make sure that you would not get any more wet as you have already soaked in alot of nature while pondering. I hope you do not mind."

The bursting of Adam's continued barking continued to annoy the old man while he desperately tried not to let his intense loathing of his dog ruin the otherwise gentle expression he contoured upon his face.

"If you do not mind. My apartment is right around the exit of the park. I have freshly brewed coffee waiting there for me. Please consider this an invitation to join me while you could also dry yourself. I would love to take a better look at that book of yours. I am myself an avid reader and also an amateur collector."

Adam's barking became ever more strenuous and even caring.

"I am actually glad that you approached me. I was so lost in my thoughts. And seeing how the rain has actually picked up and my living quarters are not as close as yours, I would not mind having the chance to dry myself."

Excellent thought the old man.

"Please follow me the then."

Adam's barking grew more serious and almost captured a hopeless sense of itself. It sounded hopeless.

"Soon, my dear soon, you shall be mine. I can already taste the sweetness in you give more life to me."

The old man purposefully picked up his pace to be ahead of young man so as to not only enable the young man to see the sly smile on his face and his eyes betraying the now unpacked shrewdness in his stare. No, the old man was also trying to cover up the the increasing blood flow running into the veins of his genitals.

"My coffee tastes really delicious. Many have told me so."

Adam, now silent and certain that another had bitten the trap and would soon be another attache to this very diplomatic of being, gave up and led himself be led. He himself became only a prisoner to the leash in this play by this very act.

"My coffee will warm you up." The old man grinned while saying this.

"I think you will enjoy the ..."

A sudden sound of tremor, like that of a brick falling from a roof onto the street alarmed Adam and brought him back from his dismay back into the terror of the moment. Adam looked up and saw that the old man was lying on the pathway with his umbrella next to him. A pool of crimson pigments oozing out of the whole at the back of his head indicated that the old man had taken his last breaths.

Unsure of what had transpired Adam, in distress and shock, looked up and saw a heinous grin on the face of the young man. His teal, icy eyes relished enjoyment and happiness. Adam was frightened but nonetheless unable to move as the weight of the moment left deep imprints on his ability of mobility.

The young man drew Adam close and after petting his head for a few seconds and letting Adam be calmed by the warmth of his steady heartbeat, loosened the noose around Adam's neck and freed Adam for the first time after his enslavement.

"Go on. Go on. Mankind is an entity that must be liberated from his former self. Be gone be gone and be no more."

The rain stopped and a ray of sunlight blitzed through the center of the clouds.

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