Illyria and the Silver Legion
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Author:  Angel [ Tue Sep 07, 2010 7:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Illyria and the Silver Legion

This is the story of my High Elves army told through the perspective of various individuals in it. I hope that you enjoy it, C&C is welcome.

Part 1
Nordland, The Empire
2522 IC

The northern wind was freezing as it lashed at Alidan's face without mercy. The iron grey sky was matched by the furious sea which relentlessly pounded the shore. In hindsight it was almost a miracle that they had been able to land here at all in that frail looking boat which was now returning back towards the hawkship that lay anchored offshore. Alidan pulled up his hood, to give himself some small protection against the chilling wind, and signalled to his small band of shadow warriors to follow him. Their mission in this unbeautiful land known to the men of the Empire as the Nordland was to secure a safe landing site for the rest of the army that was to come here in a week's time.

They had wandered along the coastline for several hours when they heard the sound of horses galloping behind them. Alidan quickly ordered his men to hide, their grey cloaks would make them almost invisible against the rock formation they hid in. A couple of minutes late the riders appeared and reined in their mounts just outside the rock formation in which Alidan and his men were hiding.
There were ten of them led by a muscular man in his forties with an impressive moustache. The men were carrying bows and swords and didn't appear to wear much armour besides their huge fur cloaks that were shielding them from the piercing wind.

”Here sergeant Pieter, "'twas here I saw the movement sir” said the youngest looking of them. He couldn't be more than 20 years old.
”You sure Hans?” asked the moustached sergeant ”'Cause I didn't see no movement”
He paused for a moment before dismounting.
”Doesn't hurt to take a look though” he said as he started walking towards the rock formation.
It wasn't long before he noticed the elves hiding in there. Upon being discovered Alidan stood up and opened his mouth to speak. He didn't get the chance though before the human had drawn a pistol and pointed it at his chest.
”Well, well” Pieter said smiling, ”elves hidin' out in the rocks eh? Up to no good are you now?”
”We are...” Alidan began to reply but was once again interrupted when Pieter started talking again.
”Typical bloody elves, just movin' 'round as if you owned the place. Always takin' stuff and raiding our towns aren't you?” He said with his voice raised somewhat.
”That would be the druchii you are talking about. We are asur, and we do not raid the towns of your land” Alidan replied trying to stay as calm as you can with an aggressive human pointing a gun at you.
”Elves are elves, and I ain't carin' about what fancy names you've got for yourself. I say that we take you our now, so you won't be raiding no towns any more. Men draw your swords!”
As the Pieter spoke these words his men drew their swords and started threateningly at the elves, whom they outnumbered two to one.
”We are not raiding your land, we are just passing through. Just as regular travellers do all the time” Alidan replied still trying to stay calm, but at the same time his warrior eyes were scanning the faces of each human looking for signs that could tell him when they were about to attack.
”Just passin' through? Right, like I'd fall for that filthy elf. Attack!” Pieter screamed his last words.

A fraction of a second later Alidan had drawn his sword and decapitated the human just as he was about to pull the trigger of his pistol. The dead sergeant's men wavered for a second before charging the outnumbered elves with fury shining in their eyes. Alidan parried the slow thrust from one of the humans before trusting his own blade towards his opponent's gut. The human managed to throw himself backwards just in time to avoid being impaled by the elven blade. Taking advantage of his foe's momentarily loss of balance Alidan brought his sword down on the man's chest, cutting a deep gash that stained his grey fur crimson. The human was already dying when Alidan finished him of with a quick thrust though the heart.
Taking a quick look around Alidan saw that his men had more or less defeated the humans, though Firinir had been killed by one of them. He started to move towards the melee again, but before he could get there the remaining two humans broke and ran for their horses and started a riding away from the skirmish. Aldian grimly raised his longbow and saw his remaining men do the same. The last two humans died as their bodies were penetrated by white fletched elven arrows.

Part 2 is being written at the moment and will either appear later today or tomorrow.

Author:  Angel [ Wed Sep 08, 2010 6:47 pm ]
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Part 2
Nordland, The Empire
2522 IC

Blood splattered across Alidan's face when his sword opened the throat of the beastman he was fighting. The ugly dog-headed creature made an unnatural noise as it fell dead to the ground. Around him his shadow warriors were fighting the remaining beasts, and the skill of the elven warriors were clearly superior to the brute strength of the vile creatures. Alidan moved towards an armoured, important looking, goat-headed beast, easily avoiding its clumsy attack before slashing it on its thigh. However, the beast scarcely noted its wound, just braying with fury as it once again made an attack with its huge axe. Alidan was forced to leap aside to avoid being beheaded by the primitive weapon. His return blow hit the beast in the chest, but its armour deflected the blow. Pressing is attack Alidan swiftly made a second attack that the creature blocked with its axe.

Elf and beast traded fast blows with each other, and to his amazement the primitive thing was almost as skilled as an elf with its huge weapon and its brute strength was making Alidan's sword arm ache. Strong and skilled as it might be the beast was still just an animal thought Alidan as he made a quick strike towards the left arm of the beast. Just as the thing raised its axe to block the blow he swiftly turned his blow to the beast's right side instead. Elven speed won over bestial strength as Alidan's blade opened up a long deep wound on the beastman's arm. This time the beastman reacted, with a roar of pain and anger it dropped its axe and charged straight at Alidan. This was something that he was not prepared for and he barely managed to avoid being impaled on the thing's horns. Instead its shoulder hit him in the chest knocking him down to the ground. Alidan was just about to get on his feet again when the beastman fell on-top of him with a white-fletched arrow protruding from its left eye.

Two of his men helped him lift the dead beast so that he could stand up again. Around them the small glade was filled with dead beastmen and a few elves.

”How many did we loose?” Alidan asked the elves that had helped him.

”Three are dead, and one is dying.” Answered one of them, named Halaeon.

”Did any of these animals survive ?”

”No, a few tried to flee but we managed to shoot them before they could escape.”

”Good, we do not want them to alert the rest of their herd. We bury our dead quickly and leave before something picks up the scent of blood.” Alidan replied as he retrieved his sword from the ground.

The group of shadow warriors had travelled quickly along the coastline for the last few days following their encounter with the imperial patrol. They had yet to find a suitable landing site for the army, and they were running out of time. The beastmen had ambushed them at their camp in a small glade, near the edge of the forest, just before dawn and the sun was now spreading its light over the trees. Though it did nothing to reduce the bitter cold that lashed at the elves' faces. After they had buried the bodies of the dead elves the now much depleted band of shadow warriors quickly left the glade. Their march took them back towards the coastline, which was rocky and very unfriendly towards the wooden hulls of the elven warships. At the eastern horizon a tall ridge was rising towards the sky, and this was the way that the shadow warriors took.

The long day's march was at an end and the warriors had reached the ridge. Once they reached its summit and looked down on the land below they knew that they had found their landing site. It was a deep cove protected from the fierce northern winds by the tall ridge that they were standing on, and a similar one on the other side of the cove.

”It looks like we have finally found what we are looking for” Said Halaeon with a faint smile.

”Seems that way” replied Alidan.”You start making a secluded camp while I tell Illyria that we have found our location.”

He reached for the necklace that he was wearing and pulled it out from his clothes. Hanging from it was a blue coloured gem that pulsated faintly. He held it in his hands and spoke the arcane words that would activate it.

”Have you been successful in your mission Alidan?” he heard Illyria's voice, strangely distorted.

”Yes my lady, we have found a suitable landing site for the fleet.” He replied, unsure whether he needed to say it out loud or not.

”Very good, I will arrive with the fleet in two days time from now. Make sure to scout the nearby area too, we do not want any surprises”. Illyria's distorted voice replied before the gem grew dull as its enchantment faded away.

Meanwhile the men and women in the imperial village of Seschdorf were sleeping tight, unaware of their approaching doom...

Author:  Telabir [ Sun Sep 12, 2010 5:28 pm ]
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I was hoping this would turn up somewhere :) . You once again leave me slightly baffled yet yearning for more =D>

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