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Concerning the Asur

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Ulthuan.net: The Home of the High Elves

Welcome to Ulthuan.net, one of the oldest and largest sites dedicated to Warhammer Fantasy High Elves. Although this is a race specific forum we welcome players of other Fantasy races as well as Warhammer 40K players. Here you can find a wealth of information on the High Elves of Ulthuan, but again, you may find information and assistance about other races, both Fantasy and 40K, or even other Games Workshop games.

If you are new to this site, please read the Intro to Asur.org page. The link can be found on the left under the By Members, For Members section. Along the left panel of this screen you can find links to all of our content. The Concerning the Asur section contains summaries of mostly official information regarding High Elf politics, military, culture and so on. The Great Library of Hoeth contains member submitted content such as tactics articles, stories, pictures and the like. You will also find links to other content including the publications of our e-zine, the Citizen Levy.

Most importantly, you should note the link to our forums. Within the large selection of forums you should find a place to discuss whatever might be on your mind whether or not it is High Elf, or even Warhammer related. A couple things to note about these. First, there is a Sticky topic in the Off Topic forum for you to advertise your own site if you wish. We do not encourage other forms of advertising without our prior given consent. Second, please take note of the Report post function, the button with the ! point that exists at the bottom right of each post. If you have a problem with a post, please use that to report it.

News: User registration issues
Posted: Ricold
I have become aware of an issue with the automated emailer. For the time being, there is no patch, so this will be an on going issue.

If you have registered within the last few weeks, or after this has posted, and you do NOT receive the activation email, please use the email address you registered with to email ourburningsun@gmail.com, with your username and a quick request to be activated. I will then activate your account within 48 hours, and email you back manually to let you know.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this is causing.

In other news, this means some other automated emails for subscriptions or notifications are not being delivered. I am aware how much of a pain this is. If you want to track replies to threads you have been involved in, there is always the View your posts function at the top right of forum pages.


News: The End Times
Posted: Giladis
Storm clouds gather! War becons! Death approaches!

Lords and ladies of Ulthuan the End Times are upon us!

We have come to the end of history!

From the seething north a Keigh-mon warlord leads the hordes of the Dark brothers to drown the world in fire and blood while the accursed spawn of Tar Uritharhain seeks dominion over this existance and the next. In this darkest of hours I call upon you daughters of Isha and sons of Kurnous to string you bows and sharpen your spears and heed the sword's song. Embrace the bloodlust of Khaine, let Drakira into your hearts but balance them with wisdom of Hoeth and honour of Eldrazor.

Though our fair homeland is beset on all sides, we shall resist, as our forefathers did at the dawn of time. As doom approaches, as the tainted ones ravage our shores, we stand defiant and shall emerge victorious. For we are the Asur, beloved of the Gods, heirs to the world and we shall never fall!!!

To arms now!

Let no evil deed go unanswered, no foul creature unoposed!

Cleanse this world or die with honour!!!

OOC: Today begins a new and exciting era in the World of Warhammer. The End Times have come and all the races of the world now march to either ruin or salvation as the world dies around them. It is an expansion we hope will see many among you fight great battles that you will add to our Battle Report section or inspire you to construct and paint more wonderous models that you can share in the Painting section. Also all those feeling the need to share the writen side of their hobby are more than welcome to expand our literary section

On the behalf of the Loremaster council

Admiral Giladis


News: Welcome back
Posted: Ricold
Well, that's been a rollercoaster 10 days. For me anyway.

Before I start with anything more interesting, I want to extend some very public and heartfelt thanks to Bob and Rod for helping keep me sane, Eldacar for a lot of server work that even I don't have the powers to do, and the rest of the Loremasters for re-assuring comments in the mean time. Also part way through this carnage someone hinted to me that I appear to have picked up my Loremaster's cloak again. They're right. As is Calarion, read my sig.

So, what has happened over the last 10 days? Well initially I was only going to take the forum down. Then I realised that the server needed updating, so I started updating the server. I then crashed the server something chronic. I then took full backups and asked Eldacar to do a full factory reset of the server. I then discovered that my backups were corrupted, so I re-installed the forum, and restored half from the current backup, and half from a three week old one after I did this last. I've then spent the last 3 days rebuilding as much of the missing data as possible.

However, we are back and working again! By some miracle!

Whenever we have to do a full backup and restore, there are losses. The search function invariably never works again, and this appears to be true this time too. I may work on that later. Various people's avatars never backup, or fail to restore, so if your avatar appears to have vanished, I ask that you reload it please.

Amongst the lost data, I have posts for 21 user accounts, and no accounts to go with them. All are users that registered in the last three weeks. I have created dummy accounts, you can see them here: memberlist.php?mode=&sk=c&sd=d . If your account has stopped working, and you registered in the last month or so and have posted, please register again and contact me. I'll integrate the two accounts so you can have your posts back.

Thinking about contacting me, in around 18 hours from this post, I'm leaving town and will be off internet for approx 4 days. I will be out of contact during that time, so if you need something, contact another Loremaster. They have my personal email if they deem it needs me.


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