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Concerning the Asur

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Ulthuan.net: The Home of the High Elves

Welcome to Ulthuan.net, one of the oldest and largest sites dedicated to Warhammer Fantasy High Elves. Although this is a race specific forum we welcome players of other Fantasy races as well as Warhammer 40K players. Here you can find a wealth of information on the High Elves of Ulthuan, but again, you may find information and assistance about other races, both Fantasy and 40K, or even other Games Workshop games.

If you are new to this site, please read the Intro to Asur.org page. The link can be found on the left under the By Members, For Members section. Along the left panel of this screen you can find links to all of our content. The Concerning the Asur section contains summaries of mostly official information regarding High Elf politics, military, culture and so on. The Great Library of Hoeth contains member submitted content such as tactics articles, stories, pictures and the like. You will also find links to other content including the publications of our e-zine, the Citizen Levy.

Most importantly, you should note the link to our forums. Within the large selection of forums you should find a place to discuss whatever might be on your mind whether or not it is High Elf, or even Warhammer related. A couple things to note about these. First, there is a Sticky topic in the Off Topic forum for you to advertise your own site if you wish. We do not encourage other forms of advertising without our prior given consent. Second, please take note of the Report post function, the button with the ! point that exists at the bottom right of each post. If you have a problem with a post, please use that to report it.

News: Welcome back
Posted: Ricold
Well, that's been a rollercoaster 10 days. For me anyway.

Before I start with anything more interesting, I want to extend some very public and heartfelt thanks to Bob and Rod for helping keep me sane, Eldacar for a lot of server work that even I don't have the powers to do, and the rest of the Loremasters for re-assuring comments in the mean time. Also part way through this carnage someone hinted to me that I appear to have picked up my Loremaster's cloak again. They're right. As is Calarion, read my sig.

So, what has happened over the last 10 days? Well initially I was only going to take the forum down. Then I realised that the server needed updating, so I started updating the server. I then crashed the server something chronic. I then took full backups and asked Eldacar to do a full factory reset of the server. I then discovered that my backups were corrupted, so I re-installed the forum, and restored half from the current backup, and half from a three week old one after I did this last. I've then spent the last 3 days rebuilding as much of the missing data as possible.

However, we are back and working again! By some miracle!

Whenever we have to do a full backup and restore, there are losses. The search function invariably never works again, and this appears to be true this time too. I may work on that later. Various people's avatars never backup, or fail to restore, so if your avatar appears to have vanished, I ask that you reload it please.

Amongst the lost data, I have posts for 21 user accounts, and no accounts to go with them. All are users that registered in the last three weeks. I have created dummy accounts, you can see them here: memberlist.php?mode=&sk=c&sd=d . If your account has stopped working, and you registered in the last month or so and have posted, please register again and contact me. I'll integrate the two accounts so you can have your posts back.

Thinking about contacting me, in around 18 hours from this post, I'm leaving town and will be off internet for approx 4 days. I will be out of contact during that time, so if you need something, contact another Loremaster. They have my personal email if they deem it needs me.


News: Forum going offline Monday/Tuesday
Posted: Ricold
Hello, long time no see!

Just briefly in case anyone doesn't recognise me, I'm Ricold, I originally installed the forum software we're currently using. Have been a Loremaster, gave that up years ago.

About three weeks ago, the Loremasters asked me to help updating the forum software. I did so (a few people noticed that the site went into maintenance for a few hours), but this has not been a complete success. Thus more work is required, and this will be a larger undertaking.

So I will be taking the forum offline at some point tomorrow. I guarantee the forum will be up for the next 24 hours, to give everyone fair warning. With all luck, the site should be off line for no more than about 42 hours or so (late Tuesday night GMT+1). However, there are no guarantees, because it's been years since I've had to do work like this. The site home page will be up, and hopefully I'll be able to get this message posted there, as well as updates, but there will be no forum access. If it all goes badly, we could be offline for anything up to about 10 days. I hope not.

If anyone has any bugs to report besides the white screen after posting or PMing, please leave a comment on this thread, and I'll try and make sure it is seen to while I work.

As always, questions and comments are welcome.


News: Reinforcements have arrived
Posted: Giladis
A pair of messenger ravens soared through the sky, dancing on thermals, their quarry located somewhere to the south. Strapped to their feet were a pair notes, the conclusions of the grand council of the Loremasters of Hoeth. News had reached the White Tower that in Elthin Arvan the ‘round ones’ were upon the warpath once again and the council would need eyes on the ground. Heroes ad scholars from the kingdoms and beyond were tested and most were found wanting, but a pair proved to have the qualities needed for the task at hand.

As morning gave way to noon one of the raves made a quick turn and descended at breathtaking speed towards the shores of Yvresse. Amids the foam of crashing waves, upon a rock, stood a warrior of divine skill. A hundred times he had marched against the foes of Ulthuan and a hundred times he was victorious, yet his heart was not content. Immortality played upon his thoughts and he sought to hear the wail of the Banshee hoping it would grant him the prize legends spoke of. Unperturbed by the chaos of the sea the black bird landed on his shoulder gently pecking at the warrior’s ear until it was noticed. The message was unfurled and elegant runes brought a smile to his face. The council of Hoeth had summoned him, duties he would perform, deeds shall be done, foes will be vanquished and one step closer to immortality he would be.

The sun was setting behind the Annulii beyond the Sea of Dreams, as the second bird approached what looked like a rainbow given form, a coastal town of serene beauty. There upon the highest tower a lady reclined upon a divan flanked by pair of grey charcian lions, as grey as the eyes of their mistress. Many a book of sorcerious lore was scattered around the room as the lady pondered on the meaning of the approaching raven. The black bird swooping from the gloom of the east, could only be a portent of dire news. With a flapping of wings the dark guest entered the room and perched itself upon the statue of Morai-Heg. The lady unfurled the message and a tear rolled down her cheak, not a tear of sorrow but one of joy, the council has summoned her. As she walked out of the room thinking of the future the lions gave a mournful roar and from the statue the raven spoke “Nevermore!”

Due to the needs of the site and in order to keep an eye on the insidious and thieving Dwarfs the Loremaster council has decided to strengthen the ranks of the site administration.

Jimmy and Aicanor have been risen to the rank of Herald and rdghuizing has been promoted to a Loremaster.

Congratulations all, may your wits stay sharp, your mood jovial and your rule just!

On the behalf of the Loremaster council

Admiral Giladis


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